ankle-iceOccasionally I will be asked something like:

“Isn’t a sprained ankle sometimes just a sprained ankle?”

In today’s post, you will learn the answer to not only this question, but a far more important question that I will share later in this post.

What the above person is asking is whether a discomfort, dysfunction, disorder or disease ALWAYS has to have some kind of deeper ‘meaning’ behind it.

Does it ALWAYS have to ‘mean’ something?

What I feel is REALLY being said is that it would really be a seriously laborious drag if  every single tweak or owie  you incur through the act of living was related to something that is ‘wrong’ with you at a deeper level.

My answer is a simple one depending who am I talking to, it will either be yes… or no.

What I mean is that I am not trying to convince anybody that your body is a transcription of what is being held in your mind. (Check out my post about ‘belief ‘ to understand this more.)


If I am talking to an open person, who is ready to consider it, then yes, everything that happens to you has an underlying connection to the Universe in a way that could help you adjust your Consciousness in a way that favours your feeling good, inside and outside.


If I am talking to a person who is looking to prove otherwise, who doesn’t want to gain the inevitable benefits of what happens when you use your body for something other than carrying your head around, then the answer is no.

Why fight it?

If you fall into the first category, an open person who is ready to consider the possibility, then this post is for you.

I would rather work with those who are wanting to know themselves more deeply than spend my time trying to convince ‘non-believers’… lol. Convincing non-believers falls into a category I call Campaigning for Agreement, which is a behaviour that stems from an insecurity.

I recommend not investing your time in such behaviours as it takes your most valuable commodity, time,  away from those who can benefit from your gifts.

The Universe is made up of nothing but patterns in consciousness which allows for others to believe (and experience) something different from you, without your needing to prove otherwise.

Quantum Responsibility

The quantum nature of how everything works allows for you to live however you want to live, and, by taking radical personal responsibility, you offer yourself the gift of turning a crisis, if only a mini one, into an opportunity.

For me, it helps to believe that everything I experience in my body is an opportunity for me to adjust my own consciousness. When I do that, and take action, I find my life becomes more favourable and delightful for me. It can work like that for you too.

The answers you seek are inside you

I am sure you have heard stories of folks heading off somewhere to ‘find themselves’, only to be exposed to the truth: that the answer they were looking for was inside of them all the while, and it just had to be uncovered.

When you take quantum responsibility, a radical personal responsibility, you choose to believe that your body’s messages are signalling you in ways that will help you live a more optimal, fulfilling life.

If you don’t, that’s ok… another option that is a better fit for you will become available to you… if it hasn’t already. However…

Do you wonder where they come from?

The answers? Where do they come from?

It would be natural to ask this, however,… it is not the right question!

A better question is, “What stands in the way of me experiencing the answers that are inside of me and how can I access them?”

 The 3 Paths

Accessing and resolving what is in the way is exactly what we do during The Deep Issue Massage Method, and it has become evident over the years that it helps to know where the beliefs that your body is trying to message you about come from.

Therefore I want to share a segment of a new course I am putting together so you can better understand where your thoughts come from.

The 3 Paths help set your conscious mind at ease about something that was previously unknown… (the conscious mind is NOT so good with the unknown, have you noticed?)

Watch this Video

The 3 Paths are: The Generational Path, The Karmic Path & The Collective Path

The Generational Path

The Generational Path represents the path of influences via your ancestry. This includes your entire life experience, from pre-conception to today, and carried-over unresolved experiences from your ancestors passed down vibrationally through your genetic coding. And this is super cool!

You can hold the unresolved beliefs of an ancestor in your genetic coding, just like the genetics for brown hair or blue eyes, that will only be activated epigenetically when an environment similar to what your ancestor experienced happens in your life in an emotionally impacting way.

Some might see holding the unresolved programming from all of your ancestry to be an overwhelming idea, but I see it as an ultimately cool opportunity to not only affect your life, but the life of your past and future lineage.

The Karmic Path

The Karmic Path is similar to The Generational Path, but instead of it being the influences upon your bloodline, this is the path your soul took to get to you.

For instance, if reincarnation is within your belief system, it would reside in this path.

The Collective Path

Now this is a fun one. The Collective Path is something I also refer to as the spiritual wildcard!

The spiritual wildcard is about your relationship to all things seemingly unrelated, which helps keep us honest and free from taking ourselves (and our journey) too seriously.

When it comes to resolving beliefs that don’t seem to fit in either of the first two paths, it usually defaults into this path. For instance, if you find a belief in your field that doesn’t seem true, or ‘resonate’, it is likely the Universe helping you keep honest. To demonstrate this, let me explain to you what I call The Candy Wrapper Effect.

The Candy Wrapper Effect

Do you have a yard? Or a balcony?

Have you ever noticed that when winter ends, and the snow begins to melt, you inevitably find stuff in your yard or on your balcony, that YOU didn’t put there??!

“Stuff” such as… a candy wrapper! (gasp!)

And you don’t even eat candy, right?  (wink)

Or maybe it isn’t your brand.

Regardless, you now have a choice; you can either throw a tizzy, or say, “that’s not mine”, inferring that it shouldn’t be your responsibility… or you can take radical personal responsibility.

What radical personal responsibility would look like in this case is by happily picking up the wrapper and disposing of it appropriately, REGARDLESS of how it actually deposited itself there.

In the realm of beliefs, radical personal responsibility would look like resolving beliefs that show up, regardless if you consciously think they are true, or resonate as true.

In fact, NONE of it is true or personal, but I wrote about that here, so I won’t go into more.


Go Deep – Take Action!!