What do you do when you feel angry?

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There appears to be no shortage of people feeling angry these days, have you noticed? So many are angry about… something.

Some know what they are angry about, yet some don’t and just have this under-the-hood type of feeling they can’t seem to identify.

Anger is a very concentrated energy and is deeply connected to the Sympathetic Nervous System, which is our “fight or flight” nerve response in the body.

This is extremely necessary and healthful to have, especially if there is a realized threat afoot.

The problem happens when there is no real threat around, yet we feel like there is. Have you ever felt that? Like something is wrong, or dangerous, or threatening, and you are not sure what it is and you need to get ready to attack??

Unfortunately there seems to be an abundance of it in our society. In fact, I am not shy to state that I think it is even perpetuated in a way by advertising, news and other propaganda in order to more easily get you to feel unsatisfied.

When you feel unsatisfied, you are more likely to give over your own personal authority through feeling like you need to have more, buy more and need more, coupled with a dependency on more and more things outside of you.

The end result is a diminished sense of personal power, which often leads to blame, which is then followed by attack – aka anger.

The Body Message

Unresolved anger leaks into, and is stored in, your neck, shoulders, arms and upper back.

If it is concentrated in the neck, it leans towards unresolved issues from many lives.

If it is concentrated in the shoulders, we are looking towards feelings of anger connected to the burden of responsibility.

If it concentrates in the arms, we look for anger regarding how things are being carried out in our lives.

Anger is also deeply connected to the liver and the gallbladder, which we can look into in another post.

So, what to do?

According to Luis Martins Simoes, author of Does Your Body Lie?, there are 3 ways to handle anger:

1) The first way is to basically ignore that something is wrong and try to convince yourself that everything is ok, which it’s not.

2) The second way is to do something very active and aggressive in physical form. This may be doing some kind of punching or hitting exercise, playing a contact sport, having a super aggressive workout, or even actually hitting someone… hopefully not a loved one.

3) The third way Simoes recommends, is to become completely aware of your feelings and cry your heart out, thus connecting and resolving the cause.

However, I would add that there is a fourth way, which derives from the third way, and it is this:

4) To open the heart and expose what is at the root of the anger to the possibility of forgiveness. To unapologetically face and state that you are feeling this way and why.

During a Deep Issue Massage Method session, we do exactly that – we have you explore and face what may have gone unnoticed that is causing an inappropriate amount of tension in your Belief Body, as directed by your physical body.

This may result in tears, but not necessarily. What we’ve noticed is that it doesn’t necessarily have to end in tears, but it can reset your clarity and end in that feeling that you get when you have received an embrace from someone you love and feel safe with.

It is more important to face it and be open to the possibility of whatever emotion shows up, than to necessarily cry it out.

You may cry your heart out, but by facing it you may find it was the ant’s giant shadow on the wall you were most afraid or angry about.

The conscious part is to start learning and practicing the Art of Discernment. By becoming an expert in discernment, you create the ability to disarm bombs before they are even finished being designed.

Anger will poison you, and those around you, if it is not resolved.

If left unchecked, you then run the risk of developing chronic inflammation problems including arthritis, so let’s get to it before it gets to you.

So, what do you do to handle anger?

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