The Deep Issue Massage Method is the world’s-first, massage-based, system for helping clients achieve both physical & emotional freedom.

This system is described as revolutionary by an industry veteran in how it can help massage practitioners help more and make more.

Normally, a client would have to go elsewhere to resolve the negative and/or limiting beliefs that is causing them mental and emotional tension (S)he would normally have to book an additional session with another practitioner, or you would have to stop the massage to apply another technique. With the Deep Issue Massage Method, you can help resolve your client’s both emotional AND physical pain, without crossing the line into counseling, analysis, talk therapy or advising.

The benefits to your clients are, when enough interference is resolved, their life-decisions become evident, their clarity emerges and gratitude becomes a by-product. They start feeling good in their own skin and begin to feel free. If you have interest in learning to perform the Deep Issue Massage Method, please click the button below to submit your request.

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