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A Tribute to a Legendary Storyteller

Getting past your ‘story’ is vital for your spiritual advancement, but that doesn’t mean that storytelling doesn’t have its place. Throughout the ages, wisdom was passed down not through schools, but through stories. Stories that taught lessons. Stories... read more

The Secret to Happiness is Under the Couch

Why Do You Dust Your House? Really, why do you? Because your mom dusted hers? Because you’re supposed to? Because dust is dirty? I would love to challenge you to answer this question before you move on. Just take a minute and see what your most conscious answer... read more

The Relationship Between Eczema, Tension & Separation

Eczema is a condition whereby the skin becomes dry, rough and scaly, usually ending up with some kind of wound opening up in the form of a crack or hole. Veil of Protection It is a condition of the skin, which is our primary veil of protection from the rest of the... read more

Psoriasis: The Itch that Can’t Be Scratched!

Dry. Scaly. Raised. Sunken. Hard. Ugly. Unsightly. Psoriasis sufferers deal with these perceptions often, if not every day. Lately, I’ve had several clients show up that are suffering from Psoriasis in varying degrees, so today let’s look at it from a Body... read more

6 Steps for Choosing Heart-Centred Supporters

So What Would You Say Is the #1 FEAR People Have Overall?   Fear of Success? Fear of Rejection? Fear of Dying? Fear of Failure?? Nope.   The #1 Fear = The Fear of the Unknown Without fail, the most common and paralyzing fear that clients show up with is one they... read more

In This Video I Reveal A New Breakthough In The Deep Issue Massage Method That Is Helping Folks Just Like You To Resolve Ancestral Emotional... read more

Do You Suffer From This Newly Discovered Disorder?

  Do you feel lost? Uninspired? Unmotivated? Are you going through life without meaning or purpose? If so, you may be suffering from a recently discovered disorder named Intention Deficit Disorder… (until this morning, I thought I had actually made this... read more

Carlinville, Cancer & Compassion

My wife and I watched a really terrific movie this weekend starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall called The Judge. The storyline is ripe with clichés, but the performances are excellent. In the movie, Downey plays Hank Palmer, a successful defense attorney from... read more


Chances are, you have been damaged. The significance of this damage cannot go understated, and the source of this damage is very hard to detect because it is so common and insidious. It happens at school. It happens at home. It happens nearly everywhere. It is really... read more

What to do to end the cycle of Emotional Eating [CASE STUDY]

Today, I’m going to teach you a strategy for interrupting the cycle of emotional eating. If you are an emotional eater, you are never eating for the reason that you think. You may think you are eating because it makes you feel better, especially when you are stressed.... read more

Family Day 2015

Happy Family Day everyone! At least here in Alberta, it is a holiday called Family Day. Now tell me, what does it say about our society’s state of affairs when you need a holiday to remind you about your families? Have we all really drank the proverbial ‘Kool-Aid” and... read more

The #1 Thing to Remove from Your Diet to Lose Weight

It’s the dragon’s lair, The rabbit’s snare, All these holiday goodies, That are in the air.   A sample of this, And a taste of that, Has left you feeling, Mighty _____.   (lol) 😉                                       – Fun poetry by... read more


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