Food for Mood

I have a information-packed audio interview for you near the end of this post, but first I have something to share! I'm starting a club! It's a self-actualization club. It is being designed to be a library resource of interviews, trainings...

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Can your issues only be Skin deep?

Wrinkles? Age spots? Odour? Rash? Ummm... "things"?Your skin is the largest organ of your body and its job is more multifaceted than you may realize.It is an incredibly busy part of you, even though it seems to just sit on the surface and...

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What Controls Your Fate?

Do you really know what your beliefs are? Where they come from? How they impact your life? I find this to be a relatively poorly understood topic, so I figured we might do well to begin with some deeper learning about the significance of...

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Back to BodyMessages!!

This video may shock you about what the Gluteus Medius can teach you about your relationship to change, sex and intimacy. Click the video below to watch now. [su_youtube_advanced...

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Effects of Acidic Thinking – [PART 2]

Everyone is familiar with the idea of someone having acidic thinking, however, in this video you will learn if your thoughts can actually be TOO alkaline![su_youtube_advanced url="" width="610" height="335"...

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Effects of Acidic Thinking

SCENARIO: You are eating right, exercising and you are still not losing the fat.PROBABLE CAUSE: AcidityPROBABLE SO(u)LUTION: (Yes, soul-ution. A bit cheesy? Sure, but hear me out...)There are two reasons why I wrote it this way; the first is...

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Shape of Consciousness

Do you ever feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster?If you do, you are certainly not alone. In fact, everybody who starts on the path of finding out who they really are will go through it to some degree. However...This is what they...

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The Candy Wrapper Effect & The 3 Paths

Occasionally I will be asked something like: "Isn't a sprained ankle sometimes just a sprained ankle?" In today's post, you will learn the answer to not only this question, but a far more important question that I will share later in this...

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How the Universe is Trying to Help You

I am a HUGE believer that the Universe (Source/Creator/God/Krishna/Jesus/Debbie...) is giving you opportunities to be happy and content more often than you realize. In order to have shifts happen in your life that you would describe as 'favourable' or 'preferable', it...

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Strangest Massage EVER… and a favour

Be sure to get the takeaway approximately 5mins in, it has to do with taking risks. PS - Due to all the Can-Spam legislation, please be sure to click the button below IF you HAVEN'T yet reconfirmed. I can't email you again unless you confirm.

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