“Life is one seriously long, tedious and relentless line
of external duties and responsibilities.”


… this may be a way to sum up the Beliefs Behind why our bodies create bunions.

Bunions are a painful enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe segments. Inflammation happens in or near this joint causing the joint itself to be forced outward (which is actually inward or medially from an anatomical perspective) and becomes very, very painful.

So painful, that many opt for a surgical procedure to remedy the pain, which, unfortunately for them, all-too-often leaves them worse than before. To be fair, they aren’t always worse off, but I would try everything else first.

(At the end of this post, I will include two links to two sources of information that are examples of ways people are dealing with bunions. Neither link is endorsed by me, nor do I get any compensation for them. They are for informational purposes only.)

Now, from a Body Message perspective, we consider bunions from a few different perspectives: location, inflammation and energy.

From a location perspective: bunions happen at the joint between the distal (far) end of the 1st metatarsal bone and proximal (close) end of the 1st phalanx (toe bone). You can just call it the “big toe knuckle”.

This part of the foot has to do with the relationship with beliefs around taking responsibility in the world, and an underlying resistance to take personal responsibility and/or contribution.

From an inflammation perspective: Inflammation always comes from unresolved anger from conflicts that have never been addressed or concluded, and therefore smolder under the surface. The word ‘inflammation‘ comes from the Latin word “flame“, which means ‘to burn‘. Therefore, inflammation can be translated into “a burning within.

From an energetic perspective (as in acupuncture):  bunions are treated through spleen points. The spleen is a very yin organ and therefore connected to the more overly-feminine aspects of ourselves, one of which is passivity.

People with Spleen issues appear to lack a zest for life and thus,

“there is no joy in Mudville”.

If we connect all of these together, we end up with an individual who is burning inside because they feel too impotent to find joy in taking responsibility in the world, or for themselves.  They feel that everything is done TO them, and obsess that it must be done out of duty (not choice or joy).

I find this interesting, because this duty and drudgery could even come from finding no joy in the response-ability to care for oneself, thereby having self-care become more of a begrudged duty instead of a loving act, especially for those whose bunion shows up on the left side.

When on the Right Foot, we would look at beliefs as they relate to how the person is failing, rejecting or refusing to manifest their own personal power.

When on the Left Foot, we would look at beliefs as they relate to how the person is shutting down to their own desires and dreams due to duty.

Now I know how much pain my clients who are suffering from bunions can go through, but before running to the surgeon, I really urge you to explore every option possible.

Here are the two links I promised you: (for informational purposes only – not endorsements)

1) If you opt for surgery: Read This  

2) Just one Alternative: BunionBusters  

3) Here’s an EXTRA one ;): The Sour Smelling Alternative

BUT BEFORE YOU GO, why not start here.

Below are some Discovery and Resolution Statements you can work with to unearth some of the ‘dust’ in your energetic field. Please understand that none of these are true or personal, they are just inappropriately held beliefs caught in your mind. (More on this later.)

Discovery Statements:

    • What is upsetting to me about responsibility is _________________.
    • Where I feel I am a slave to duty is _________________.
    • The part of my life where I feel I have no choice is _________________.
    • How I truly feel about this is __________________.

Resolution Statements:

    • I am willing to forgive feeling like a slave.
    • I am willing to forgive feeling like a slave in my life.
    • I am willing to forgive ____(insert what you feel duty to)______.
    • I am willing to forgive anger.
    • I am willing to forgive feeling angry.
    • I am willing to forgive not understanding this anger.

Keep playing around with belief constructs such as these and let me know how it goes.

If you practice Acupuncture, or some other energetic practice, leave me a comment to see how this compares with your teachings.

Have a super day!

May your ducks always be healthy,





Be sure to ask your massage therapist if they are certified in the Deep Issue Massage Method