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Today we are going to continue looking at Patricia’s inquiry about what is happening in her body. I received an email from Patricia, who wrote:

I read with interest your article on “the Issues with Your Tissues,” [in Wholistic Living Magazine, Calgary] and as you offer, am sending my query to you.

I have two issues – both on the left side of my body.

One – at the base of my thumb.  A pain and feeling of constriction which can flair up into arm numbness.  This may stem from a fall during which I broke my wrist (many years ago).

Two – lower left back radiating down into my pelvis.  May come from a fall off a horse when I was twelve.   Again feeling of constriction and discomfort, especially if I lie on my right side at night.

I look forward to your response.


Last week we looked at the first part, now let’s look at the last part.


<< — my response: part 2 — >>

As far as your left lower back radiating into your pelvis, is it very lumbago sounding (no diagnosis offered or accepted ;).

With this in mind, it is as if there is a distrust in the communication with someone (probably a woman, maybe you) who is close to you, with regard to getting the actual emotional support you need in order to pursue your chosen path.

It is of interest to me that it gets exacerbated with you lying on your right side, the masculine or male energy side. It is almost as if when you are supported by the strong male in your life it triggers the distrust with you wanting to present your greatest self to the world. Pretty debilitating I imagine.

The cool thing is that, although this information may be interesting, the basis is really your ‘relationship’ to the beliefs that hold these experiences in place. If it is freedom that you are after (freedom = the act of feeling free), then it is highly recommended that you look to transform your relationship with the beliefs that hold these experiences in place rather trying to change, fix, better or improve yourself. The Deep Issue Massage Method was designed with this in mind.

It is very easy to self-identify with the story of how your challenges came to be and I would urge you to be wary of this, even if you never come for a session.

Constantly looking into the ‘story’ will keep you as stuck as ignoring it, if not more.

<< — end response — >>


I’d love to hear what you think about this, or if you have any questions of your own.

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