witch_accidentHaving accidents is a very interesting phenomenon from the Deep Issue perspective. Do they mean anything? Is there always a significance to having an accident?

If you are accident prone, this post just may help you release some penned up energy you may have around it.

The mentors I have in learning about the body’s messages have some conflicting reports about what it may mean to have an accident. Some say that it ALWAYS has significance, some say not always.

As this is a quantum and holographic universe, I propose that it can be either.

There is grave danger in seeing significance in every single thing that happens in life. Additionally, you may have experienced how nauseating it can be to be around someone who just can’t seem to wait to tell you the significance of every event that has happened in your life.

The danger is that it can paralyze you.

Although I do believe that there are no coincidences in life, I don’t support that every accident has a specific meaning.

The reason why I feel this to be true is because I believe in the great miracle of life, and the great miracle is here to help us.

Sometimes help looks like a reminder that you are taking yourself too seriously. After spending the last 20 years in the spirituality and personal development circles, I can’t help but notice that someone with a ‘spiritual’ ego, is at least 20 times as obnoxious as someone with a ‘standard’ ego.

If you ever come across someone who pretends to know all things, run.

One of the most powerful statements you can practice is this one:

“I don’t know.”

When you become well familiar with the strength of being able to unapologetically state that you don’t know, without shrinking, you will have indeed taken a giant step in your unfoldment.

Believe it or not, sometimes (said in a cheeky tone) the Universe knows better than you.

Sometimes the Universe will present to you an event born of the ‘random generator’ to keep you honest.

When a random generator event comes at you, it is to see if you will polarize something that does not serve you to polarize, to see if you will get hung up on some underlying significance enough that it takes you out of present awareness.

When you succumb to this style of accident, you feel out of sorts and not present.

However, if you can authentically know that this particular incident was the Universe’s way to see if you are emotionally mature enough not to polarize it, you will feel amazing, accident and all.

Now, on the other hand, accidents sometimes do indeed happen to show us something specific.

The reason why an accident of this nature happens will be directly related to who you were with during the accident, where your headspace was at, what part of your body it injured (if any), etc.

That would be when we would go into more specifics based on the symptoms that show up post-accident.

If I were to offer you a big, general, broad-stroked response about accidents, it would be this:

Look to any underlying beliefs behind feeling less than worthy around people who you view as an authority. Accidents are a very symbolic gesture towards stopping you from experiencing your own greatness due to subconsciously comparing yourself with people you view as more self-actualized than yourself.

Other than that, let’s take each accident on a case-by-base basis.

So what now?

If you don’t know which of the above applies to your situation, learning how to muscle test is one of the best places to start.

Do you have interest in learning how to muscle test your own beliefs?

If so, leave me a comment below this post. With enough interest, I’d be happy to teach you.

Have a super week!





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