Do you feel lost? Uninspired? Unmotivated? Are you going through life without meaning or purpose?

If so, you may be suffering from a recently discovered disorder named Intention Deficit Disorder (until this morning, I thought I had actually made this ‘disorder’ up!).

I’m not kidding, check out this video. (If an ad starts playing, just click the [x] that appears in the top right hand corner.)

Michael Beckwith – Solving Intention Deficit… by empowermetv

Like I mentioned, I thought it was another of the syndromes and disorders that I make up from time to time, like I did with Unconditional Love Syndrome, which is one I made up a while back.

I mean heck, why let the medical community have all the fun with naming stuff?

You can’t even blow your nose or wipe your bum without it being labeled as some kind of disorder or syndrome these days!

Which gives me an idea…

With things like healthy self-respect and strong self-confidence being so rare these days, perhaps you could could spin the whole thing on its head and use words like disorder and syndrome to create “conditions” that empower you?

Imagine healthy self-respect being so uncommon that the rest of society looks at you, a person who has developed healthy self-respect, as someone with a “disorder”?  You could say, “Yes, I ‘suffer’ from Healthy Self-Respect Disorder.”

Or how about Strong Self-Confidence Syndrome?  Meaning you have a ‘syndrome’ that leaves you feeling strongly self-confident.

Words like disorder and syndrome are highly charged words

Words like disorder and syndrome are highly charged words and have trained the public like monkeys to respond words like these from a position of helplessness and victimization.

The idea I’m suggesting here is to reclaim the language and take back the power by diluting all the labels we are buying into that seem to have been created to sell more drugs and keep you feeling broken.

The danger of this idea is that mis-reading disorder or syndrome may immediately make you think something else is wrong with you and backfire the whole intention.

Neutralizing your relationship to words like disorder and syndrome collects your power.

I will tell you this though, what is vastly more important than the words is your relationship TO those words. By doing unique exercises like the proposed above, you open to the possibility of neutralizing your relationship to the words of disorder and syndrome which collects your power.

When you do that, you can see your world more objectively.

See your world more objectively

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