Well, here we are – the first day of Spring in Calgary!

SWEET! I know!! I took this picture today while walking down the sidewalk (thumb and all), hard to believe it has been shorts weather for about a week, non?

I was checking my email today when I got an email from a fella I know, perhaps you’ve heard of him – Daniel Vitalis.

If you know of Daniel and his work, good for you.

If you don’t, I strongly recommend it for anybody who is interested in reclaiming their personal power, right down to questioning how ‘domesticated’ you have become – (if you have the courage… lol)

His message today is about taking steps to re-sync yourself with the rhythms of natures, such as the Equinox.

For those who don’t know, the Vernal Equinox marks the arrival of Spring  for us here, and for you in your part of the world, it also means the time where you get about the same amount of daylight as you do night – (no matter where you live 😉 ).

More specifically it means that the equator of the Earth passes by the equator of the Sun, and its axis not tilted toward or away from the Sun’s axis. (as the Earth is tilted, this only happens twice a year – Spring and Fall).

I, for one, am interested in getting more in sync with the planet I co-habitate on.

Are you?

If you are, why not checking out Daniel’s new online magazine, DISPATCH.

He just launched it TODAY, and you are some of the first to know.

This is not an affiliate link or anything, so the only thing I have to gain from recommending it is that you will be well served in getting to know Daniel’s work. I just respect him and wanted to share.

So, back to the weather… did this change in weather affect you?

If so, how and why?

This is a super time to do some Discovery Statements to find out what beliefs are behind how and why you would let something as uncontrollable as the weather affect you.

I no longer let things like the weather affect me, but if you do, here are a few you could start with are:


1) I am affected by this weather because ________________.

2) The REAL reason why I let weather affect me is because __________________.

3) The pay-off I get from letting this weather affect me is __________________.


And there you have it, this will give you an opportunity to gain insight as to why you let things outside yourself affect you.

I trust you find this helpful.

Be sure to check out Daniel Vitalis’ new online magazine at http://www.danielvitalis.com/subscribe-to-dispatch/

May your rubber boots never leak! 😉





PS – Daniel did a total overhaul on his website, here is the non-magazine link to his site.

PPS – He also comes to Calgary about once a year to do a training… but not until later in the year.