bikini_fat_smallSCENARIO: You are eating right, exercising and you are still not losing the fat.


PROBABLE SO(u)LUTION: (Yes, soul-ution. A bit cheesy? Sure, but hear me out…)

There are two reasons why I wrote it this way; the first is because the answer is beyond your physical self, like the soul, and secondly, that place beyond your physical self is within u. 😉


I was recently introduced to the work of Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle, who is a nutritional specialist whose premise builds on the work of Nobel Laureate Dr. Otto Warburg.

Nobel Prize Winning Research

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research on how cancer was weakened and unable to survive when introduced to a super-oxygenated environment.

Otto Heinrich Warburg (cropped).jpgIn the body, this relates to pH of the blood, fluid and tissues.

We have a pandemic of people who are making choices which support the increase of acidity within the body. The 3 areas in which these choices are being made are: 1) physical life influences, 2) nutritional influences and 3) mental/emotional influences.

Though Dr. Young and his work have proven to be controversial, his premise remains valid.

Acidity leads to disease

He educates us on the 4 channels of elimination: urination, defecation, perspiration & respiration.

Understanding this would encourage you to become optimal in the following areas:

  1. Nutrition (defacation): ensure that you are eating foods that support your optimal pH zone
  2. Hydration (urination): ensure you are drinking the proper kind of water (hint: not tap water) and that your water is fortified by essential minerals (usually stripped out of water when processed, and/or bottled)
  3. Exercise (perspiration): ensure you are moving your body in a way that makes it sweat from effort (not nerves)
  4. Breath (respiration): ensure you get yourself into oxygen-rich environments (nature) regularly, doing a practice that causes you to breathe deeply

Do things that alkalize your body system, but…

Although I come from a different perspective than Dr. Young on food choices, I support the basis for his work, including that your emotional state influences the pH of your body.

Thoughts like fear, anger, hatred, judgment, rage, anxiety and shame, just to name a few, have scientifically been proven to increase the level of acidity in a body in live-blood-analysis tests performed by Dr. Young.


Your thoughts can make your body more acidic!

The significance of this could not be more profound, for if you hold unresolved emotional energy (which causes acidity), and that acidity doesn’t make it into the elimination channels, your body MUST force that acidic waste into the fat and connective tissue to protect itself.

So, even if you are doing a normally sufficient level of elimination through the 4 channels, at a normally adequate acidity-removal level, if your thoughts are creating more acidity than your activities that support the elimination thereof, there will still be enough acidity in the body to hold on to the fat.

This means that even though you are exercising enough, eating well, and getting enough hydration, if you hold unresolved emotional energy, you won’t be able to lose the fat.

This is where The Deep Issue Massage Method can help.

Neutralizing the emotional charge

If you look around the internet, you will find people who use this information in an overly simplistic way by saying that negative emotions are acidic and positive emotions are alkaline.

For you to have optimal health, your body needs to be within a certain range of the pH scale. Similarly, the relationship with your thoughts needs to be optimal, not necessarily positive or negative.

For instance, having an appropriate relationship with an apparently ‘negative’ thought,  is more optimal than trying to replace that same thought with a thought that is apparently ‘positive’. Just trying to be positive, when you don’t believe it, causes stress and therefore would create more acidity within.

This is important

Now it is true that most people would do well to become more alkaline, physically, mentally and emotionally, but just focusing on alkalizing your body and thoughts is more of a myopic approach than an optimal approach.

An optimal approach would include eating foods that hold you in the optimal pH zone (hence, not just alkalizing foods); focusing on investing your time and energy in environments that challenge and support you; and having a healthy relationship with whatever content roles through your mind.

Focus on optimal pH, not just on alkalinity.

This means that taking steps to neutralize any inappropriate relationship, or ‘charge’, with underlying emotions becomes paramount in giving the body the chance it needs to properly and efficiently eliminate the accumulated acidic metabolic waste from your lifestyle, nutrition and thinking.

Next week, we will dive deeper into this concept and you will learn how to better understand the importance of doing this.

See you then,




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