The Following is Based on a True Story:

“Does what is happening in your body ALWAYS have to mean something??”, asks an exasperated client.

To which I respond, “What would you like it to mean?”

To which they respond, “Sometimes I would just like stubbing my toe to mean I stubbed my toe!”

To which I respond, “You’re not ready for it not to mean anything yet.”  🙂

Doh boy!!

Doh boy!!

… doh boy!!

That was based on an actual exchange I had with a client. It didn’t happen exactly like that, meaning I didn’t actually say that last part, but I may in the future – provided I have the right relationship with that client.

In fact, more than a couple of clients have asked this, and it is a really good question. So, I took the opportunity to explore it and made a 14 minute audio recording for you while driving to see clients.


So, what do you think?

Do you feel you are ready for the Wildcard?

Are you up for implementing The Triangle of Triumph?

Have your best day!





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