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The Method

What is the Deep Issue Massage Method?

The Deep Issue Massage Method is a framework of techniques that are applied during a massage that help eliminate both physical and emotional pain.

The corresponding relationship between specific physical ailments to content in the psyche has been well established. By resolving emotional components in this unique and effective way, the physical discomforts and dysfunction often resolve as well.

It is NOT counseling, talk therapy, advising or psychological therapy.

Massage by itself is an amazing healing modality, coupled with the Deep Issue Massage Method, massage becomes a powerful tool for transformation.

How does it work?

There is much well established research on how different parts of the body are connected to different parts of the psyche.

We utilize this information during a massage session to identify critical access points to unresolved content within your consciousness. We call the unresolved relationship with that content a ‘charge’.  Once identified, your practitioner applies a call-and-response technique that neutralizes any unhealthy relationship you may have to specific content in your mind.

Once this ‘charge’ is resolved, it opens a channel for you to experience a new reality of you, others and the world around you. Life begins to become enjoyable as you reveal the real you.

How long will it take for me to see results?

You have been collecting and storing limiting and negative beliefs your entire life, and possibly before that, yet all clients have reported feeling different after a single session.

However, it usually takes a series of sessions to rid yourself of enough limiting or negative beliefs to reduce the gravity of your past.

The Intensive is designed for those of you who are ready for effective and meaningful change in the shortest possible time. Click here to learn more.

The Difference

How is this different than working with affirmations?

We light-heartedly refer to the Deep Issue Massage Method as “an affirmationist’s nightmare”. The reason is because we believe that trying to out-will your negative programming is much like putting high-end furniture into a shanty; no matter how much good stuff you put into it, it will still always be dirty, dusty and depressed.

By eliminating the charge to as much limiting or negative programming, what is left is what you actually are – your best self.

How is this different from BodyTalk™?

BodyTalk™ is a beautiful system designed by John Veltheim with a very specific protocol based in muscle testing. (i.e. IF x happens, THEN y). The practitioner guides the entire process and you follow the practitioner’s lead.

With you on the table, the Deep Issue Massage Method is designed to connect your body and your subconscious mind with your conscious self. By utilizing the call-and-response method, you are empowered during the experience while eliminating the charge that keeps you stuck.

How do I know that it works?

There is only one way you can know that it works, and that is how you feel. Once there is an absence of the attachment to what has kept them stuck, frustrated or under-performing, clients report a sense of freedom that wasn’t there before.

Secondary results that clients have experienced have been the elimination of tension in their body, leaving behind disorders they’ve had since childhood and boney re-growth to name a few.*

*These results are not typical and may vary. Additionally, they are not unheard of.

How much talk-therapy happens during a Deep Issue Massage?


Deep Issue Massage Method is not talk-therapy, counseling, advising, psycho-therapy, or anything of that nature. It focuses solely on beliefs that show up by way of bodymapping and resolves any inappropriate relationships to the beliefs.

The result is you no longer have a charge to thoughts and beliefs that come and go. They may come, but they no longer ‘stick’.

The Intensive

What is the Intensive?

The Deep Issue Massage Intensive is your best bet for revealing the real you in the shortest possible time. It is a 6-week program whereby we get ALL your parts moving in the same direction – your body, your mind and your spirit.

With coaching and a transformation toolkit, in addition to the massage sessions, you can experience what other clients consistently experience: rapid relief from what has been keeping you stuck, frustrated or unhappy.

If you are looking for the most relief in the shortest period of time, the Deep Issue Massage Intensive may be for you.  Click here to learn more

Are the changes I feel permanent?


However, if you do not choose to make active changes in your life and give your mind new information to chew on, your mind will seek out memories over time and try to re-establish connection with those memories. This is how the brain works and how the Law of Associative Memory affects us.

It is good to have coaching when it comes to understanding this more thoroughly. The Intensive has been designed to offer comprehensive support when revealing your real self. Click here to learn more

The Decision

How do I know if Deep Issue Massage is for me?

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy with your results, and you love massage, then Deep Issue Massage may be for you.

It is very direct and can be raw at times, but your practitioner’s light-hearted and caring approach will support you through anything that comes up.  Click here to get started now

A constant report:

Nearly every single person that has ever had a session has said something to the effect of, “How can I say all this negative stuff about me and feel so good?”

As we apply the Method and shine light into the deep, dark corners of your past, we depolarize any inappropriate relationship to what was previously judged, dismissed or denied.

The changes happen at a deep cellular level and last. It breaks the addiction to thoughts that no longer serve you.

The Training

Can I get trained in the Deep Issue Massage Method?

Training will commence in early 2014. If you have interest in being trained in the Deep Issue Massage Method, please click here now.

Do I need to be a massage therapist to become a practitioner?


Although the Deep Issue Massage Method was originally designed for massage therapists as a valuable add-on to their practice, if you are a massage practitioner of any kind, or someone who just wishes to be able to help others through massage* in a deeper way, the Deep Issue Massage Method may be for you.


*CAVEAT: A pre-requisite of being trained is for you to have a foundational grasp of basic anatomy. Training events will not take the time to re-teach anyone their anatomy.

Ultimately, how the training can be utitlized is only limited by your imagination. For instance, a Reflexologist could greatly help their clients by applying the technique.

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