Fear of failure is a very common theme that flows through many people’s journeys. Maybe you are one of them? It may feel very real, and sometimes overwhelming, but today I’m going to offer you a different perspective that may help you expand your energy past the fear.

Though this different perspective may tick you off at first, hear me out and let me know what you think.


You Haven’t Failed Enough!

Watch the video down the page...

Watch the video down the page…

Hear me out…

Yes, it is more likely that you haven’t failed enough to realize that the fear of failure is not the fear you have.

Fear is an interesting thing, as the more you dwell on it in your mind, the bigger it gets. But the more you face that fear and call it out, you realize that the fear you have been experiencing is unfounded, 99% of the time.

Every Success Has Failure Supporting it

Every success story you hear about really comes as a story wrapped in some kind of triumph, some kind of risk that was transcended, some kind of fear faced.

Fear of failing, even though it feels real, is really more of a case of wanting to believe in the boogeyman so you have something to give your power to. You simply have not yet unearthed what to do with that power.

Remember Nelson Mandela’s speech? If not, you can find it here. He reminds us that it is your being “powerful beyond measure” and your “light” that frightens you most.

I mean really…

What kind of a shake up are you REALLY ready for?

I’m not sure what it is about human nature that causes us to act as the man in the following video, but answer this…

–  What value would you place on something you already have and didn’t have to reach for?

–  Are you one of the folks that takes their body for granted until a problem begins?

–  Are you one of the many who didn’t take the opportunity to resolve a forgiveness opportunity with someone until it is too late? (For instance, not resolving your feelings toward a parent, who then suddenly passes away, leaving you filled with regret.)

–  Are you one of the many who has focused on your career so much that you suddenly find your spouse in the arms of someone else?

These life-altering experiences are often the catalysts for finally being willing to fail!

Be Willing to Fail!

Watch this totally inspiring 5 minute video and imagine how many times Arthur must have failed, ON CAMERA, before reaching his tipping point.

Man, did I get choked up the first time I saw this. I had started on my own journey because I finally accepted a difficult truth:

Understand this…

“I am the common denominator of my life.”

Go ahead, say it out loud, “I am the common denominator of my life.”

Of everything.

Of all the things that didn’t work (although they did from a certain perspective), but also, of all the things that did.

There is a SECRET!

Arthur’s secret, which is really not a secret if you watched the video, is that he had someone in his corner who believed in him, even when he didn’t believe in himself.

Having someone who is outside your everyday life who can be objective, supportive and inspiring can make all the difference when it comes to facing your fears, such as the fear of failing.

Someone who believes in you, even when you don’t

Who is that for you?

Find that person who will believe in you, even when you can’t seem to believe in yourself, and stick with them. We all need somebody to lean on in times of challenge, someone who will pick you up, dust you off, and steady you for the next round. Find that person!


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