Before We Get Started, Let Me Ask You a Few Questions…

Do your feet hurt? Feel tight? Get cold? Stink? Perspire?

Do they bother you when you run or walk?

Do you acknowledge your feet regularly?

(They rarely get a break you know, and my goodness… the shoes they have to put up with, whoa.)

Most people completely ignore their feet, unless they want to make them look prettier.

Your Feet are Where Your Spirit Connects with the Earth

Let’s start by simply looking at this logically and bio-mechanically.

Your feet are what you stand on the earth with and use to move your head about your life, right?

Right.  (with all due respect to people in wheelchairs)

From a Body Message perspective, your head is typically where you experience your thoughts and ideas – which seem to come from nowhere, or out of nothing.

Sounds Kind of ‘Spiritual’, Doesn’t it?

I’m not sure how you would define ‘Spirit’, but it would likely be something like Source, God, the Universe, the Creator, Consciousness, the Big Kahuna, or perhaps even Lucille (thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer for that one).

Whatever you call it really doesn’t matter. How you experience it is far more profound.

Typically, you will feel it in your heart, yet experience it in your Mind.

Your Mind is Your Intermediary Between Spirit and Your Reality

And be sure not to confuse your Mind with your brain.

Your brain is the physical blob of goo that resides inside your skull.

Your Mind is how you experience your awareness. Having a brain affords you the vehicle to do this. It is where your Mind likes to hang.

Ok, So What Does this Have to Do with Your Feet?

Your feet represent the grounding of ideas into your reality.

In the physical, if your head floated around and there was no part of your body touching the Earth, you might have a little difficulty experiencing life in an interpersonal way.

Could you imagine?

“Hi Sally, this is my friend Mary…  [the floating head].”

If you were Mary, you may face some challenges being accepted, no?

You could say that it STANDS to reason that, without some physical way of connecting with the Earth, you could have a difficult time with ‘reality’ – physically, mentally and emotionally, not to mention socially.

You MUST Do This to Be Happy!

The same could be said for your ideas and ideals, both practical and spiritual.

If you don’t find a way to ground them into reality, then your whole experience of life will have very little significance with regard to anything meaningful.

You must find a way to ground your thoughts and ideas into your life.

Is this Even True?

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t do what they say?

Do you know anyone who has a cajillion wonderful ideas and doesn’t implement any of them?

How about someone who touts spiritual doctrine and demonstrates a life that is anything but that?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any (or all) of the above, you get what I’m saying.

What Does this Mean?

What it means when you have some kind of tension, stiffness, or other condition with your foot/feet, is that you hold beliefs that are often conflicting about how to implement your dreams into reality.

This can get very interesting.

For instance, you may be in fact taking steps toward your desired outcome, but run into all kinds of obstacles and resistance.

When this happens, we then often investigate your relationship with boundaries.

Your Relationship with Boundaries

If I find certain bands of tension within your foot, I immediately help you investigate any boundaries you have trouble maintaining in your life.

Which foot we are working on with tell us a great deal about where to go with it, coupled with any over-arching theme we are working with during the session.

Regardless of whether you are a client of mine or not, here is something EVERYONE can benefit from that is foot-related.

DO THIS and Find Out How You Can Use it to Heal!

1) Get outside in your bare feet and stand on the Earth.

This might sound very bohemian or only for hippies, but there is real technology to this. Our world has a high incidence of the following:

  • you live off the ground (i.e.  NOT in the basement, more likely a house or condo)
  • you put on rubber-soled shoes
  • you get in your rubber-tired vehicle
  • you drive to an office and spend the day off the ground (heaven forbid we throw carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring into the mix)
  • you get back in your car and go home
  • rinse, lather and repeat.
  • (if you live in Calgary, have an attached garage, and work downtown, you can effectively never touch the ground by using the Plus 15 (+15) inter-building walkways downtown)

When you ‘live’ (if you are reading this, you likely do), you build up Positive (+) Ions in your body from simply staying alive. These are created normally, but are meant to be discharged.

If your body doesn’t have a way to discharge them, they can cause inflammation and illness, simply from building up.

The Earth is an UNLIMITED source of healing Negative (-) Ions, which heal.

2) Implement your ideas.

Put your ideas into ACTION!

This might sound obvious, or absurd, but I will suggest that if you are being incongruent with that you think and say vs. what you actually demonstrate, it WILL show up in your health… eventually.

3) Do this several times a day for short durations:

Photo Courtesy of

… you will only understand this by doing it. 😉

4) When indoors, consider “Earthing”

What is it?

Click Here to find out more (this is not an affiliate link)

And Before You Go, try these:

5) Try these Discovery Statements:

  • Where I feel conflicted about making my dreams a reality is ___________.
  • Where I struggle when attempting to implement my ideas is ___________.
  • What is really behind this is ___________.
  • The first time I remember feeling this way in my life is ____________.
  • The boundaries I have difficulty in maintaining with regard to this are __________.

That’s it for this edition of Body Message Monday. May it serve you or someone you know who needs to hear this.

Namaste amigos,


PS – Your feet are really important and likely taken for granted. Be sure to pay them some love back… beyond the nail polish. 😉

Pay attention to any changes in your body when you finally put those ideas into action. My recent personal experience of this blew my mind!

Your body is trying to help you create the life you desire, I recommend paying attention to it.

PPS – Be sure to share this post with someone who needs it.