VitruvianMatrixManIt is all well and good to learn about what different parts of your physical body reflect about your mental and emotional bodies, but why is this important?

Research continues to prove that the body is designed to be more than just a meat suit that carries your head around; it is a vehicle for your evolution and unfoldment.

For the sake of this post, consider the possibility that your body is a physical transcript of the happenings of your mind.

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, ‘it’, energy, must be able to simply transform.

Therefore, if you have ‘charged’ energy in your emotional system, it follows that that energy can be transformed into a different state, such as your physical body.  (PS – I know it may seem a bit silly to say ‘charged’ energy, as ‘charge’ implies energy, but I invite you to try not to take it too literally and focus on the essence of the description.)

If you have some kind of turbulent relationship in your conscious or subconscious, you have various opportunities to resolve that turbulence.

Let’s say you happen to be one of the few that are drawn to investigate their inner workings because of desire, not pain. If so, you are one of the few with the insight and wisdom to deal with things before they become a problem.

Unresolved turbulence in the subconscious needs to be dealt with at some point in your soul’s journey… if not this lifetime, maybe the next.

However, the Universe wants you to be happy, so it will use its available tools to make the message important enough to you that you take action.

For the great majority of people, the driver of this is… pain.

Emotional pain, mental pain, physical pain.

When you ignore, or are ignorant to, your mental and emotional pain, the Universe has no other option than to use the tool which is most evident for you – your body.

Unresolved mental/emotional turbulence follows a particular Path of Escalation.

The Path of Escalation is as follows:

Discomfort > Dysfunction >> Disorder >>> Disease >>>> Disembody

Let’s follow this Path:

STEP 1: Discomfort

When we remain ignorant to, uninterested in, or not open to what our emotional tension has been trying to tell us, the next step is for that emotional tension to lead to physical tension, then possibly Discomfort*.

(*I say ‘possibly discomfort’ because of the massive opportunity massage affords you to catch tension BEFORE it becomes discomfort. You will know what I am talking about if you have ever had a massage where you end up saying out loud or to yourself, “Wow, I didn’t know I was sore there!”)

STEP 2: Dysfunction

If you have not explored the non-physical origins of your unresolved Discomfort, then what I call your Soul Captain has no other real option but to escalate the message. This is when unresolved Discomfort becomes Dysfunction.  A great chance exists at this stage to resolve the underlying emotions before things get dicey.

STEP 3: Disorder

If you are stubborn and bull-headed about being open to other-than-physical possibilities (like me), you may find yourself now being messaged by your Soul Captain via Disorder in the body. Disorder may look like broken bones, fractures, soft tissue injuries, chemical imbalances, syndromes and the like.

Disorder is a real wake-up call before spirit sends in the heavy artillery to help you wake up.

STEP 4: Disease

This is spirit’s heavy artillery. If you have managed to dodge your relationship to the underlying causes of your Discomfort, Dysfunction and Disorder, now the Universe’s message becomes very loud indeed: Disease.

Disease challenges us at our most fundamental levels, where it hurts most and tests our commitment to ourselves. If you have been diagnosed with a disease, you will surely find out what you are made of on the inside. It will test to see if you are able to take charge of your own life, or hand over that responsibility to other things outside of yourself.

Unfortunately, what most sick people lack is self-responsibility. This may sound harsh, but if you or someone you know has been the type of person to face their shortcomings and contributions to their present conditions, you undoubtedly witnessed a powerful shift in that same person as they began working with their Soul Captain instead of maintaining pride, blame and deferral of responsibility.

Time and time again, we hear stories of incredible recoveries, transformations and healings of those who have decided that they are the common denominator in their life and choose, “If it is meant to be, it is up to me.”

For many, the reality is it becomes life or death.

STEP 5: Disembody  (potentially optional)

Though we will all lay our bodies down to return to the earth at some point, a Disease may not need to be the cause of it.

If Disease triumphs over you, the next step may be Disembody.

All I really mean by this is that if you are unable, or unwilling, to resolve the cause of the Disease message, you will be lucky enough to get a “do-over” in the next life (an energetic “mulligan” for you golf types).

I believe this is what karma and reincarnation are for; not to keep score, but rather to help you eventually find out what it is important for your Soul to resolve, no matter how many times at the plate it takes. (I know, I know… I’m mixing metaphors. Oh well, I am confident Spirit will pardon me.)

I feel it is our purpose to resolve the unresolved as much as possible in each life until karma becomes unnecessary.

What are you beliefs about this?

Do you believe in karma and reincarnations?

Until next time,

Go Deep – Take Action!





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