I am a HUGE believer that the Universe (Source/Creator/God/Krishna/Jesus/Debbie…) is giving you opportunities to be happy and content more often than you realize.

In order to have shifts happen in your life that you would describe as ‘favourable’ or ‘preferable’, it is vital for you do what I call,


“Look for Evidence”

When you look for evidence you are directing your conscious mind to get on board with seeing something other than what seems not to be working.

It means you seeing with new eyes, instead of seeking out new landscapes. Sure, a change of scenery or environment can help you get relief from your daily stressors, but unless you consciously decide to observe how the Universe is helping you (instead of punishing you), it will be difficult to prevent giving your power away.

This can also mean that YOU choose how to experience utterly common and appearingly mundane tasks in your life as something other than common and mundance, like Mauricio Estrella did.

Answer this:

How much more common and mundane could it get than remembering your password?


For Mauricio, it became a total life-changer.

I contacted Mauricio and got permission to repost his most amazing story for you.


Read his story by clicking the image below:

How a password changed my life

by Mauricio Estrella – with permission (CLICK IMAGE)


Using common everyday items and opportunities helps your mind move in the direction of your dreams.

What everyday opportunities could you use to help you succeed in your quest to reveal the REAL you?

Share your idea in the comments below!






PS – you can read Mauricio’s story in its original format by going to his blog site.