FREE Deep Issue Massage Method - Announcement.v2 Today I’m going to show you how YOU can get FREE Deep Issue Massage Method Sessions Without Paying A Penny!

How does that sound?

I am gearing up to ‘come-out-of-the-closet’ with The Deep Issue Massage Method as I’ve been really pretty quiet from a public perspective. Believe it or not, I was feeling hesitant and shy with bringing my creation into the public. It was a client of mine, who is an artist and who is really bringing her voice to the world, who inspired me to resolve my own fears and take on all the critics. Thank you Bel.


Just watch the short video below and I will explain all the details.

Watch this video now:

Yep, that’s it.

There is a Who Referred You field in their order form so I can track your referral. Therefore you are sure to get your free session after they have their Introductory Session… (you could even conspire with them and have them book and both of you get one at less than half price, just don’t tell me! 😉  )

I must be crazy!!

Oh well… I’ve been called worse. 😉

Go Deep – Take Action!





PS – Here is the URL to send your friends to again: