One year ago today, my mother passed away at the age of 79. She and I were very close and good friends.

Even though 79 is not that old, she really packed in a lot of life into her years as a dance teacher who earned many formal (and informal) accolades and awards, the highest of which being, arguably, The Saskatchewan Order of Merit, that province’s highest award.

Saschatchewan Order of MeritI say arguably because I know not of any award for so many “kids”; former students now in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, becoming dear friends for the rest of her journey here on earth, and sending their kids to her… priceless.

Now, even though my mom was recognized repeatedly for packing so many life experiences into her years, she was still human and had human challenges, like a sluggish thyroid.

My mom was my biggest fan, especially when it came to massage, and although she won’t be physically around to see the fruits and effects of the Deep Issue Massage Method, I am confident she would be rooting me on.

That being said, I was honest with her and here’s what I would have told her about the beliefs held in her field if she were still around:


The thyroid has the function of secreting life-sustaining growth hormones into your systems, which represents having the right to produce a vital life for yourself. Someone who is suffering thyroid issues has beliefs from a “the universe supports everyone but not me” place and will never be destined for true success, happiness or love.

The thyroid produces Thyroxine. Thyroxine is responsible for your body’s ability to uptake oxygen in order to accelerate your growth, give you energy, and facilitate your growing up in an adult world. It is the part of you that represents your capacity to express yourself and to make yourself understood.

If you are experiencing hypothyroidism, you will hold unresolved beliefs around an apathetic relationship to having anyone understand you or what you want.

It is the feeling that “nothing ever works so why try” and that it is time to throw in the towel. A deep karmic history of demoralization is evident in your mind’s subconscious and it is time to resolve it, now, in this life.

You will do well to be aware of any feelings around a deep resentment that you have never felt real love and support in your life. It comes from an experience of ending up as the one who had to hold a dysfunctional family together but in doing so being charged as the one who was dysfunctional.

My mom was a very self-actualized person on many levels, however I know without a doubt the above information would have hit the nail on the head for her.

If you have a sluggish thyroid (hypo-thyroidism), here’s a Discovery exercise which may prove helpful for you.

Repeat and Complete the following (out loud or on paper, not just in your head):

“The part of my life where I feel a lack of vitality is ________________.”

“The part of life that seems to work for other people, but not for me, is __________________.”

If you already have a system for resolving beliefs, here are a few for you to run through it:

“There is no use trying.”

“Things never work out for me.”

“Happiness is for other people.”

“Vitality is for other people.”

“What I want really doesn’t matter.”

“Nobody understands me.”

“Nobody will ever understand me.”

“Nobody will ever really care about what I want.”

Ok, there’s a few to get you started.

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