You Will Learn 2 Words that will Transform Your Life so You Can Gain Freedom from Your Negative Self-talk and Start Experiencing Peace of Mind!

Resolving negative self-talk starts with creating a gap between your thoughts and your emotions. This video will teach you how to start.

I am about to go on some holidays and I wanted to give you a couple of things before I go…

The first is the 2 words that will transform your life, the second is an update of what is starting in September around here.

We just finished up the July-August session of Deep Issue Massage Intensives and holy wow! What a cool experience… just look at the testimonial below from a social work professional of many years…

Get your questions answered by me –personally! One-on-one.

If you are interested in freeing up your potential by way of having your body lead the way, I would highly suggest you take me up on this offer to have a FREE CONSULTATION where you can have every question and concern addressed to see if the Deep Issue Massage Intensive is for you.

By filling out the short form below, you will receive a Free 15-minute Consultation with me personally.

WARNING: If we feel that The Intensive is a good fit for you, I will be asking you to participate in the session that starts in September, so only complete the form if you are truly ready for some inner change to commence.

If it is not for you, no problem… so it’s NO RISK!!

How cool is that? Get your questions answered, for free, no risk, no obligation.

If it is for you, you will be getting ready to experience one of the most unique healing experiences you may have ever had.

The Intensive is for you if you:

  • love massage! (but maybe not yourself 😉 )
  • are seriously ready to go deep and take action
  • are genuinely ready for a change
  • understand that there is work involved
  • are feeling stuck
  • are running into obstacles when moving to a new phase in your life
  • feel unhappy or unfulfilled
  • did I mention love massage?  (probably a good idea)
  • know that your body is here for a bigger purpose than just to carry your head around your life
  • and many more reasons….

The reasons you are attracted to this work may be different as you are unique, but the above list is a great place to start.

Imagine unlocking the potential of your mind while you relax into a full body massage –it really doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Why Not?

Fill out the form below and let’s get you started by seeing if The Intensive is a good fit for you.

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PS – the following Intensive doesn’t start until November, so if you don’t get one of the last few spots in September, your next chance isn’t until November, so be sure to get your Free Consultation today!