knee-littleboy2What about joints?

As a Registered Massage Therapist, I have been formally trained in working with the soft tissues of the body. But without joints, these tissues wouldn’t have much to do.

Your joints allow for mobility.

I mean really… your muscles, ligaments and tendons would live a seriously boring life without joints (not to mention you walking around much like ginger-bread person ‘walks’).

Your muscles, ligaments and tendons are designed to work in harmony with your joints to allow for the flexibility to handle life as it comes to you, or as it is when you go after what you want.

I’ll bet, at some point in your life, if not right now, you had a joint somewhere in your body that has given you some discomfort.

So when you have a joint act up in your body, what does it mean?

What this means is…

Joint problems ALWAYS track back to you holding beliefs in your field that relate to undervaluing yourself, which leads to thought patterns that are rigid and inflexible.

When I know which joint in your body is giving you some discomfort, I can take this further.   For now, I will just give you an example – let’s look at the ankle.

For the ankle

… this means something different than for, say, your shoulder.

ankle-iceThe ankle is this fabulous joint that connects the rest of your physical being with your feet, and your feet are your connection with grounding your life experience into this physical plane.

You have likely heard expressions like, “she doesn’t have her feet on the ground”, or “he would do well to be more grounded in his life.”

Your feet are your connection to the reality of this world. Ungrounded people have a lot of difficulty in actualizing their ideas, especially spiritual ones, into their lives in a meaningful and effective way.

The ankles represent the ability to be able to adapt to the terrain in which you find yourself.

If you can’t adapt, you can’t be effective.

When you can’t adapt, this comes from holding beliefs that undermine your value. If it shows up in the left ankle, I would help you look into beliefs around trusting yourself, the nature of your motivations, and feeling ‘less than’ any particular woman in your life. If it shows up in the right ankle, I would help you look into beliefs around a lack of confidence, particularly with a man or authority figure, and wearing yourself out in order to try to keep up.

If you are having any joint problems, here are some general Discoveries you can use to help unearth the beliefs that stand between the you of today and The REAL You:

  • The reason why I am being inflexible about [this] is because… .
  • The reason why I undervalue myself is because… .
  • Where/who/when I learned to undervalue myself was… .
  • I feel stuck because… .
  • How I feel when I feel stuck is… .

Keep digging further and further down this spiral and shovel any of the beliefs that feel negative or limiting with an open heart, simply giving these thoughts your loving awareness and nothing else, and they will begin to resolve themselves.

Use these 4 steps:

1.  Get grounded,

2.  Pull these negative/limiting beliefs into your heart, like inserting a carrot into a juicer

3.  ‘Juice’ the belief, as in just hold it in your heart until it quiets

4.  Move on to the next one without delay… no need to linger.

If you can give the thoughts that are usually regarded as negative or limiting your loving attention, without judging them, just feeling them, they will begin to resolve… trust me! (Be sure to listen to the interview I did with my friend and mentor, Ben Sweet, you will find it at the end of my ebook, The Myth of Letting Go)

What joints are giving you trouble?

Put your response in the comments below,  and if I choose your response for an August blog post, you are going to win a special gift valued at $97!

Go Deep – Take Action!


PS – I really want you to win, so be sure to post your problem below… (hint: it doesn’t have to be limited to joint problems ;) )