Welcome to the first BodyMessageMonday post ever!

Every Monday, I will write up a new entry on some condition of the body to better serve you in understanding how your body is here to help you.

I received an email from Patricia who, who wrote:

I read with interest your article on “the Issues with Your Tissues,” [in Wholistic Living Magazine, Calgary] and as you offer, am sending my query to you.

I have two issues – both on the left side of my body.

One – at the base of my thumb.  A pain and feeling of constriction which can flair up into arm numbness.  This may stem from a fall during which I broke my wrist (many years ago).

Two – lower left back radiating down into my pelvis.  May come from a fall off a horse when I was twelve.   Again feeling of constriction and discomfort, especially if I lie on my right side at night.

I look forward to your response.


Today, we will look at the first part:


Dear Patricia,

It is interesting that both your injuries may have a fall-based origin. A fall-based origin has to do with underlying feelings around an expectation concerning being undermined or betrayed in some way.

With both being on the left side, the origins would either be with a woman who was close to you, a male with strong feminine attributes, or with yourself as a woman.

The major theme with your left thumb would be one of undervaluation and a constant questioning whether you are going in the right direction with your life or not. The hands represent our ability to firmly or gently hold what we have earned, gained or achieved, as well as the ability to give of those things.

Therefore, according to what this bodymessage is, it is likely that you question whether you are really choosing the best direction for yourself and your motivations for doing so. It would be easy to agree or disagree with this from a conscious point of view, but from where we sit in this work, we would say that it is simply a matter of holding beliefs that support these effects, whether you are aware of them or not. (is that the world’s longest run-on sentence??… no matter, let’s continue)

If you are having what you described as a constriction which leads to numbness, this would indicate a nerve impingement issue. Nerves are all about communication, and with it being an arm/hand origin, it would lead us to look for beliefs that support not being able to clearly communicate your motivations for wanting to receive what you are after in a way that makes sense to both you and other people.

Wrists have to do with taking a decision into actualization through the application of the details of how to get things done. The hands look after details and the forearms give us the strength to do a chosen task. However, the wrist is this unbelievable joint that will do amazing acts in order to help us get it done with strength AND grace. Problems with the wrist stem from a disconnect with the belief you can actually do your chosen path.

[…end Part 1]


Next week, I will offer up the second piece.

I’d love to hear what you think about this, or if you have any questions of your own.

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