What makes the difference between a woman who has no symptoms at menopause and the woman who suffers with a multitude of symptoms?


Courtesy www.facebook.com/MamaMiaBlog

Courtesy www.facebook.com/MamaMiaBlog

I recently came across this table and thought it a nice and light-hearted way to approach something many women struggle with.

Unfortunately, most of the women I encounter look at menopause as something to be endured and tolerated, not as something that is a natural event in a woman’s life.

I feel it important to say this up front: Menopause is NOT a disease, a disorder, or a dysfunction; it is simply the time when menses cease and the ovaries stop producing estrogen.

This is normal.

What may not be considered normal is the excessive discomfort some women experience as a result of the menopausal experience. Too often, it is the menopause which receives the blame.

According to the leaders in natural menopause, like Lorna Vanderhaeghe, how difficult a woman’s menopause expresses itself has more to do with the health of the woman than the menopause itself. She states:

Women with exhausted adrenals, low levels of thyroid hormones and a congested liver will have terrible menopause symptoms compared to women with a healthy liver, thyroid and adrenals.- Lorna Vanderhaeghe, An A-Z Woman's Guide to Vibrant Health

Of course, taking control of your health long before the time of menopause is your best bet and I will connect you to Lorna Vanderhaeghe’s prescription later on in this post.

Now… this is what is happening on the physical plane, but what is happening “under the hood”?

From a Body Message perspective, we explore beliefs held in your ‘field’ with respect to the transition of a woman.

Because, in the Western part of the world especially, we have such unhealthy relationships with our bodies, with sex, and with procreation, it is no wonder we have created a stigma around menopause.

Did you know that menopause simply means going 1 year without a menstrual cycle?

But in our infinite Western ‘wisdom’, we have managed to separate the woman from the transition so well that it is now something to be feared and dreaded.

Because of our unhealthy relationships with our bodies, we have a tendency to pass these prejudices on to our children, who end up unconsciously having inappropriate relationships with what happens in their minds.

If you are experiencing, or experienced, a challenging menopause, we look to beliefs behind what it means to be a woman.

If you hold beliefs that you are going to be “yesterday’s news” once menopause begins, you are likely to create a more uncomfortable menopausal experience, albeit on an unconscious level.

To test your own beliefs around this, complete the following Discovery Statements:

“What women are good for is ____________.”

“What women who can no longer produce babies are good for is ______________.”

“If I can’t produce children, I am _____________.”

If you had any perceptibly ‘negative’ thoughts arise, even as a joke, when completing the above Discovery Statements, you likely have some “dusting” to do on an internal level.

Menopause can bring up deeply held beliefs about self-rejection and fears of no longer being useful or attractive for a woman.

These beliefs came from a family experience where there was no love exhibited for your inherent worth, where love and acceptance was something to be earned.

The danger here is when a woman unconsciously (or consciously) connects the menopause experience to their purpose as a woman.

If this has happened, there can often be a tremendous amount of discomfort because, under the hood, there are conflicting beliefs held in the mind around the value of what it means to be a woman.

What to do:

  1. Take Charge: You mustn’t get on the victim side of this natural process.
  2. Start Early: If possible, start the process of becoming healthy prior to the onset of menopause.
  3. Get Physical:  This not only means exercise (a great hormone balancer), but also get on the non-pharmaceutical  solutions. My wife, Sascha, is a wholistic nutritionist who has had great results with her clients who take this (not an affiliate link).
  4. Get under the hood:  Explore and resolve all the unfinished business in this area of your mind by having a Deep Issue Massage, or your preferred belief resolution method.

May this help you out!

Namaste amigos,