“Not tonight honey, I have a headache.”

Would it surprise you to learn that the infamous quote above might prove to be the absolute wrong direction in which to travel for migraine sufferers?

According to a study done at the University of Münster in Germany, where 800 migraine sufferers and 200 cluster headache sufferers were surveyed, having sex and orgasm is exactly what the doctor didn’t order, but turned out to be the most effective “prescription” administered.

Of the 1000 people surveyed, approximately 40% of them responded, of which 60% agreed that having sex and reaching orgasm caused significant improvement (cluster-headache folks fared less well with only 33% feeling relief while 50% got worse 🙁  ).

This is a HUGE clue for us Body-Messengers.

From a Body-Message perspective, having a migraine means emotional tension that belongs to the body has been forced up into the head by the need to ‘figure things out’. With the evidence that sex with orgasm relieves the symptoms of the pain and discomfort associated with migraines, we can be assured that in these cases the beliefs behind the migraine are of a sexual origin.

The person who experiences this kind of head pain holds beliefs that leave them feeling like they need to earn-the-right to love. He/she would do well to find ways to loosen-up without having to ‘get-in-the-sack’, or without feeling bad about not getting-in-the-sack, and in a manner which allow his/her emotions to show up.

An interesting note is the person who experiences migraines is typically the type of person who is very driven, however, they harbour beliefs that they intensely dislike feeling so driven, which ultimately plays havoc with the ability to feel love unconditionally.


…  another successful (albeit much less appealing) way of dissipating migraine and headache pain is to vomit.

Yep, vomit.

As in ‘puke’.

Not quite as enticing, huh?

What this tells us is that, in much the same way a migraine sufferer forces unresolved sexual/love content to the head (camouflaged as intellectual ability), unresolved beliefs behind the ability to digest what is happening in one’s life and feeling frustrated with the gap between what is desired in life vs. what appears to be showing up in life, can be the root for migraine sufferers that find relief after vomiting.

If you experience migraines and are not yet at the place in your unfoldment to explore these types of origins, you may find some relief in some of these 15 natural methods of migraine relief put together by the good folks at the Huffington Post:

  1. Feverfew
  2. Butterbur
  3. Magnesium
  4. Riboflavin
  5. Omega 3’s
  6. Sniffing Peppermint
  7. Ginger (fresh is best)
  8. Rubbing the temples (like you didn’t know that one… lol)
  9. Massage
  10. Meditation
  11. Water
  12. Acupuncture
  13. Caffeine
  14. Regular Exercise
  15. Cool Down Head & Neck – Warm Up Feet & Body (temporary but helpful)

To see that whole Huffington Post article, click here. It was nice to see that a board-certified neurologist who focuses on headaches, Alexander Mauskop, M.D., was the expert supplying the Huffington Post with this information.

But first, let me ask you a question…

Which one would you try first?

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