3 Reasons why New Years Resolutions… ummmmm… suck!

For Those Who Helped…

Thanks a ton for helping with my survey!

It really means a lot for me and for those who helped me out with it, I wanted to do something special for you, so I put this page together just for you.

Just below, I am sharing a 30 minute excerpt from my last coaching call that happens for those who are part of The Basic Intensiveonly!

These folks pay me upwards of $1000 for this service, so to be fair to my Intensive clients, I can’t give you the last half of the call where we do deeper clearings, but I wanted to share a taste of what we do during the coaching part of the Intensive.

What you won’t hear is me taking the group through a process where we can further clear up limiting and negative beliefs, but what you will hear is listed below… enjoy!


Your Gift Starts Here:

As you can imagine, New Years is a HIGHLY emotionally charged time for a lot of people. People usually start to feel a great sense of hope and potential preparedness for the upcoming year.

“Yep, this is MY year!”

Have you ever said that?

Have you ever witnessed someone you know say it?

In either case, did you notice that last year felt strangely similar to the year before that?

Well, if you did, we are going to put an end to that today. It is not New Years now, it is simply ‘today’, and today is a great time to start, no matter what time of year ‘today’ happens to be.

What to do first:

To start, listen to the 30 minute excerpt from last night’s Basic Intensive Coaching Call just below.

I’ve never made an Deep Issue coaching call available to the public before, but am for you to say thanks for helping with my survey.

I hope you find it helpful and insightful, in the call you will learn:

  • What it means for you to be running an APP and why it is important to you
  • The secret addictions behind Challenges vs. Failures
  • What “Crossing the Line” is when it comes to beliefs
  • Who is preying on your perceived shortcomings and what to do about it
  • Plus, 2 more BONUS reasons to why to learn about other’s motivations behind New Years Resolutions

Listen here:


After you have listened to the call (which I hope you enjoyed), you would have had the opportunity to explore a few questions.

If you didn’t get to them during the call, here they are again:

  1. What APP are you running?  (this will only make sense if you listened to the call 😉 )
  2. What is your (honest) relationship to Peer Pressure?
  3. What else do you ‘fall for’? (this too will only make sense if you listened to the call 😉 )

The Cure for the New Years Resolution Hangover:

In order to ‘cure’ yourself from any potential New Years Resolutions Hangover, I have a few simple, but not necessarily easy, steps for you:

  • Don’t make New Years resolutions in the first place
  • Be willing to accept that you have been the ‘patsy’ (and that’s okay, you get stronger by opening to this)
  • Challenge your perceptions and beliefs around traditions, timelines and teachers (including me)
  • Consider choosing your own New Years date and make it personal
  • Learn how to buy, and not get ‘sold’ (reading the book INFLUENCE by Dr. Robert Cialdini may be enlightening for you)

Well, there you have it.

This is really like a mini-course of sorts and I trust it serves you.

Namaste amigos,

PS – Thanks again for taking my survey, I’ll get back to you with the results!