My wife threw me a surprise birthday party for me on the weekend and I was completely hoodwinked!


At parties, discussions happen that you wouldn’t get the chance to otherwise participate in. At this party, I got the opportunity to have a discussion with a good friend of ours who mentioned last week’s post as being very helpful and if I could elaborate a bit more with specifics for her situation, numbness on the outside of her right leg, below the knee.

So good friend, this is for you, thanks for the love this weekend.

Numbness is quite a fascinating symptom to explore, at least it is for me. Numbness could be described as, “the result of the loss of the power of sensation”.

When we work with numbness, we are looking for the beliefs behind as coming from a place of something being so unacceptable about the self, that we want to deaden our experience of it.

If something has caused you so much pain, you may just finally want it to stop manifesting itself in your life. (instead of resolving it… hint hint)

By it being on the right side, we look to the act of getting, doing, being, gathering, etc., even if what you are trying to ‘get’  is something like love.

By taking a deeper look into the legs, we can also look at them segment by segment. For instance, the upper leg is more to do with beliefs around your experiences as an adult, with the lower leg being more related to times of childhood.

If you are experiencing numbness in the right lower leg, looking to beliefs around why you may want to deaden any painful experiences you may have had growing up, that has prevented you from wanting to take on related responsibilities as an adult.

Trying completing these Discovery Statements:

  1. The area I really have never wanted to grow up in is __________________.
  2. The area in my life I really wish I didn’t have to worry about is __________________.
  3. The part of my life I would like most to be taken care of is __________________.
  4. The most unacceptable part of me is ________________.

This should give you a great start on discovering the latent origins of what your leg numbness is trying to help you change with regard to thoughts and behaviours.

Once you feel you have reached ‘ground zero’, if you will, say out loud as many statements around how you feel about it as you can.

By doing this with some kind of grounding technique and giving attention to your heart while saying these statements aloud will start the process of healing around it.

***REMEMBER: NONE of the apparently negative or limiting thoughts that may cross your lips (or mind) are true or personal, they are just information you have a charge with.***

By facing these charged statements in a grounded and loving way, they begin to stop being in charge.

I hope you find this useful my dear, talk soon.





PS – ask your massage or bodywork practitioner if they are certified in the Deep Issue Massage MethodTM