Dry. Scaly. Raised. Sunken. Hard. Ugly. Unsightly.

Psoriasis sufferers deal with these perceptions often, if not every day.

Lately, I’ve had several clients show up that are suffering from Psoriasis in varying degrees, so today let’s look at it from a Body Message perspective.

It’s All About Protection

En-garde-tsprntFirst off, it is important to understand this is a condition that presents upon the skin. Skin is the major organ of protection from our environment. So, therefore ,the first theme we connect to is protection.

Next, we look at what Psoriasis is. If you look up the definition on the web, you will find descriptions similar to the one I took from webmd.com:

 “is a long-term (chronic) skin problem that causes skin cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white, silvery, or red patches of skin.”

Therefore, we have an individual who has an overactive relationship to protecting herself. The question is… from what?

Where the psoriasis shows up on the body gives us more information on themes to look into, but for today we will just stay with the overarching concept.

Something will always be missing… no matter what

The number one thing to have an individual with psoriasis accept and understand is that the beliefs that need to be resolved have to do with the idea that something will always be missing, no matter what.

What beliefs like these do is undermine the individual’s relationship with being able to take responsibility for what she can do, all-the-while staying clear of apathy.

When someone feels “damned-if-they-do” and “damned-if-they-don’t”, apathy can easily take root.  Once this happens, they always are in suffering, which they want to protect themselves from.

The Shield

If you look at the overactive cellular regeneration that ends up in a tough outer coating, you could see it as a shield.

Imagine not being able to build up shields fast enough to protect yourself from some kind of aggression.

The origin of these beliefs typically come from a separation that the individual actually experienced. This separation is usually connected to never feeling good enough for a parent or primary caregiver.

If you look further, you will notice that the scaly patches prevent a healthy sensitivity to touch, with touch being our primary vehicle for connection and caring. (massage anyone??) 😉

Learn to Let Go

Instrinsically, it is vital for the psoriasis sufferer to take action and learn to let go and resolve her relationship that caused the idea of separation in the first place.

(If you haven’t picked up my free e-book on Letting Go, get it here.)

Otherwise, her beliefs will lead her to expand behaviours that undermine her ability to take charge of her life and she will unwittingly do things to injure herself (mentally, emotionally, or physically) before somebody else can do it, in a hurt-yourself-first kind of model.

This in turn exacerbates the already hyperactive protection mechanism.

…or Hurt Yourself First

Extrinsically, her number one outward action to support the healing process is to:


  • Restore gut health by eating more fermented foods to increase probiotics in gut
  • Take Recovery (by Purica): repairs the inner mucosal lining
  • Take BroccoGen 10 (by Newco) capsules internally
  • Use BroccoFusion (by Newco) ointment externally
  • (*information courtesy of Sascha Kalivoda, Certified Wholistic Nutritionist)



In summary, it is wise for the psoriais sufferer to take on healing both on the physical and mental/emotional planes if she wants the best results.

We have a friend who resolved psoriasis that was so severe that it caked her eyes, by learning Kundalini Yoga and applying it to similar ideas as above.

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Be beautiful!





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