Leg problems are quite involved in a way.

Legs are what carry us around, connect us with Mother Earth, give us strength in where we stand, they help us manifest our direction as a whole. It is where we ground our lofty thoughts into meaningful and practical action.

I recently received these questions:

“good day, I was reading vol 7 issue 1 [Wholistic Living Magazine, in which I have an article] and I have favor[ed] my right leg and foot for several years . I look forward to your response¬† thank you! Margaret.”

“Hello in reading Issues in Your Tissues [Wholistic Living Magazine] I have a problem with my right leg from waist down would sure like to know how to get rid of this pain. Thank you Terry”

Ok, as the right side of the body has to do with masculine energies and attributes, we take the short synopsis at the top of this post and apply the right side angle.

The right side, masculine energies and attributes have to do with external drivers, resources and the desire to make an impact, get it done, have this or that, grab hold of the resources you need to accomplish, males and authority figures.

Therefore, when problems in the right leg show up they are connected to beliefs about failing, refusing, or neglecting to gain the capacity to initiate and manifest your underlying dreams and desires. This is due to a hidden (or not hidden) lack of self-determination and self-confidence.

This happens to those who were left alone a lot as a child, not in the healthy way, to figure how to do ‘it’ yourself, as the family was too busy with their own low-level desires. If not in this lifetime, certainly another. This would leave you with a sense of never really wanting to grow up, stand your ground, and you would rather others ran the show.

The good news is, as always, that the beliefs behind the symptoms can be resolved and, peace with it be made possible. It gives us the opportunity to learn to cause right and appropriate action.

Also, by resolving the beliefs behind the body’s messages, you increase your chances of diminishing physical pain immensely.

It takes a lot of courage to look at it,  and even more to resolve it, but the goodies go to those who do.

This brings up the question, “so what happens if the pain/discomfort doesn’t go away?”

This is a great question, which I will address in another post.

Make this a great week everyone and if you like this post, why not share it around?





PS – Be sure to ask your massage practitioner if they are certified in the Deep Issue Massage MethodTM