Additional Notes:

RPR Factor is how you measure your availability to taking Radical Personal Responsibility. 

Taking Radical Personal Responsibility can be simply described like cleaning up candy wrappers in the spring that have blown into your yard over winter. It sounds nearly ridiculous when described in that context, but change the context and the stakes get higher.

What is the ‘backyard’, in this case, is your mind and the beliefs that generate your experience. Coming from the “not my problem” attitude will continue to keep you stuck.

However, having a high RPR Factor is you saying that whatever shows up in your world is not your fault, but IS your responsibility to handle. Taking this on builds a sense of freedom because you are no longer the victim of your life.

You make the choice that if it showed up in your life, it is yours to handle.

Dr. Hew Len, creator of Self-Identity Through Ho’oponopono, an incredible healing modality very much promotes this. He basically states that that as you heal what is within you, you heal that which is without you. Meaning you can choose to accept not only what happens within yourself as your responsibility, but you can heal things outside of yourself by taking responsibility to heal what is in yourself.

Wow… a radical thought and a tough pill to swallow, but worth it. It is an example of Radical Personal Responsibility at its finest.

It is kind of like buying a house, and then accepting that if you want it to look and feel a certain way, it is your responsibility to initiate and oversee it becoming that way; you chose to buy it, therefore everything that comes along with it is also yours. There is no-one to blame, just challenges to tame.

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