Wrinkles? Age spots? Odour? Rash? Ummm… “things”?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and its job is more multifaceted than you may realize.

It is an incredibly busy part of you, even though it seems to just sit on the surface and give others a way to recognize the pile of muscles, nerves and bones underneath.

However, for the purpose of keeping it simple, we can break its jobs down into a few categories.


One of the jobs of the skin is to keep the bits you need ‘in’, and the rest ‘out’.

It is a membrane that protects you from daily encroachments, attacks and imbalances.

It acts as a buffer that keeps toxicity from getting into your body. With that said, it is not like a rubber suit… it breathes and is semi-permeable to allow for the proper exchange of certain constituents that keep the body in a state of homeostasis. 

If you hold charged relationships to beliefs around needing to protect yourself from the outside world, maintaining toxic relationships in your environment, or not wanting to make contact and (physical) connection with others, it will likely show in your skin… sooner or later.

Touch and Connection

The skin is the sense organ we reach out and make contact with, at least from a physical perspective.

All humans need touch. To touch and to be touched is part of the healthy human experience. If you find yourself not liking to be touched, or its opposite, the yearning to be touched, you will likely be holding beliefs that are directly related to your childhood experience of what came along for the ride with regard to being touched.

When you were a young child, was touch a positive experience, a negative experience, or a non-experience?

Unresolved episodes of ‘touching’ experiences have to show up somewhere, eventually, as that is how the Universe tries to help you to be joyful and at peace… although it may not feel that way at the time.

Is there really a better way to challenge your self-image than to have a skin issue show up for you to ‘enjoy’ as you step out of the shower and step in front of the mirror?

Speaking of ‘Connection’

It is also worth noting that the skin is connected to your Crown Chakra. Can you believe it?

The Crown Chakra has to do with our relationship to Spirit, attachment, and the unseen. So how is the skin related to that, you may ask?

Well, the skin is also the last frontier between where your physical self ends, and the everything-else begins.

The everything-else is actually an illusion of sorts, but it is a purpose of Spirit. The everything-else plays the role of challenging your relationship to separation and connection.

Do you feel connected to the Universal ‘song’?

Do you see others’ experiences as separate from yours and therefore not part of your concern?

When skin issues rise up, it is well worth doing a deep dive discovery process into your relationship with what appears to be outside of yourself.

That being said…

The skin is also the sign of what is happening ‘under-the-floorboards’.

All of your internal organs are represented through the skin- just ask anyone who practices any of the ancient healing arts like Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupuncture or massage.

When unresolved issues represented with different organs (i.e. liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.) go unchecked, the Universe’s way to help you see that opportunity for resolution is to push it into your consciousness.

That can happen through physical pain and discomfort, or through a more ‘subtle’ avenue, such as your skin.

It may not hurt (although sometimes it does), but it affects a different part of your psyche when it affects your image.

When things show up on the skin that don’t cause pain or discomfort, you would do well to look more deeply into your relationship to how you are viewed in the world.

Respiration and Temperature Control

The skin breathes.

It sweats and perspires.

It releases toxins.

It radiates and absorbs heat.

It is a very busy organ, whose principal purpose is to regulate the internal with the external.

This is a very big clue as to where to look when resolving beliefs… did I mention that Deep Issue Massage is a touch-centric healing modality??

Just checking. 😉

Facing Challenges

When it comes to skin challenges, and what it means with regard to living your life, there is no more important place to look at than facing your challenges that you have not been willing, able, or strong enough to face, until now.

Forgiveness of what has happened in the past is key!

Not the kind of forgiveness where you forgive yourself or someone else; it is the kind of forgiveness that forgives that the whole thing had to happen in the first place.

By getting to the place that ‘nobody is misbehaving’, you begin to understand that everybody is coming from their programming, not to be confused with who they really are.

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