I want to believeBelief Change is all the rage nowadays, and it should be, as… “perceptions and beliefs, whether right or wrong, are still going to control our biology” (-Dr. Bruce Lipton). This means that what you think and feel determines your reality. BUT, the #1 biggest surprise about Belief Change is that…

Your Belief is NOT required!

So, what does this mean?

It means that for something to be true for you, your belief is not required. Let me explain…

Medical science has been turned on its head since new research, spearheaded by Drs. Bruce Lipton and Candace Pert, has demonstrated that only 3-5% of people who experience a disease or disorder is due to their genetics. This leaves a whopping 95-97% of us with the ability to influence our genetics and alter the course of a disease or disorder.

But how?  Through your beliefs, that’s how!

This means what you believe about yourself, others, the world at large and spirit can, and will, influence the genetic expression of your genes. And it doesn’t stop at your genes, it works this way in all areas of life.


You are only conscious of a very small fraction of the beliefs that you have accumulated over your lifetime.

Additionally, you may think you know what you believe about something in particular, such as money, weight, or health, but for some reason you don’t seem to be living up to that belief. What gives??

This means…

There is a difference between what you believe, belief and your beliefs.

Follow along, this is going to be a trip!

What you believe about something is simply a conscious construct, based on opinion, to which you pay homage to because of many factors, most of which are social factors.  In other words, it is what you have learned, but doesn’t come from intrinsic and experiential knowledge about it.

If you have belief in something, it seems to reach down deeper inside of you and gives you energy from an unseen source. It is beyond thought and connects those thoughts to feelings. But…

Your unconscious beliefs (under-the-floorboards) are running the show.

The significance of this is astounding.

Another demonstration of this is that you may believe that you deserve to be happy, but you don’t feel happy.

You may focus on a belief that the universe is abundant, but always come up short.

But herein lies the rub…

You can’t out-believe your beliefs.

Dr. Alexander Loyd, in his book The Healing Code, puts it this way: “when the head and the heart are in conflict, the heart always wins.”

What this means is that you cannot have a reality experience beyond your unconscious relationships with your beliefs… period.

You may fully think that you should be able to do/be/have X, but no matter what you consciously try, you are only experiencing Y. So, you bear down, grit your teeth and try harder, and… psssstht… nothing, nada, zilch.

That’s because healing beliefs is a matter of the heart, not the head. The head is the powerful ally the heart needs on its side if it is to successfully resolve inappropriately held belief relationships.

It is your relationship to your beliefs that makes all the difference.

Heal the relationship with your beliefs and you will heal your life.

This does not mean belief change, repatterning, or use of affirmations. This means resolving your relationship with the belief itself through identifying how you feel about something, extracting the belief, and pulling that belief into the energy of love through forgiveness.

I’d love to show you how. If you are interested in learning how, leave me a comment below or send me a message.






PS – I want to close with a secret that will save you time. What you need to forgive will never be outside of you, ever. So you may think that it is someone, or something you need to forgive, but it is not. What needs to be forgiven is how that someone or something affected you at a spiritual level. When you heal that, everything changes. Learn how.