Is the Deep Issue Massage Intensive for you?

The Deep Issue Massage Intensive is the result of over 17 years and thousands of massages working with people who loved massage, but not themselves.

What I found was that most people would come in for a massage, only for us to find out there was something underlying the tension they were experiencing that was emotional in nature. If you are like most people, you know that somewhere inside you is hiding your best self, yet revealing it seems to elude you. You have tried many different ways to ‘will’ yourself to feel better, or be more like the person you have always wanted to become, but you just can’t seem to break free of what’s keeping you stuck, unhappy or frustrated – perhaps even angry and in pain.

If this sounds like you, The Deep Issue Massage Intensive may be for you.

Can meaningful transformational change actually happen for you while you receive a top-tier massage?



The Intensive is a 6-week commitment that is part hands-on massage, part coaching and part self-discovery where your qualified practitioner helps guide you on how to reveal the REAL You!

In the Intensive, you will get:

  • 6 x 90 minute Deep Issue Massage sessions
  • 6 supplementary coaching calls
  • The New Possibility Play-book – (supplemental coaching manual)
  • and more…

On the table, you will:

  • un-tether yourself from any unhealthy relationships with your mind’s activities
  • learn what different parts of your body are trying to tell you
  • learn how your body is your ally in your physical, emotional & spiritual unfoldment
  • laugh
  • release
  • understand

In the coaching, you will:

  • learn about the Law of Associative Memory and how it affects you
  • learn how to keep on track with your commitment
  • earn valuable knowledge on the importance of your life context
  • get your questions answered
  • have a safe platform to share your struggles and triumphs
  • learn you have a non-judgmental ally on your side

In the manual, you will:

  • find valuable exercises on how to excavate your best self when not on the table
  • explore your fears with purpose
  • learn the power of self-discovery and what to do with that information
  • create a different and more healthy relationship to the going-ons in your mind
  • mine for great material for your next on-table session!


There are typically two kinds of freedom that people are after. Below, we explore these two freedoms, FREEDOM FROM and FREEDOM TO.


→ Anxiety
→ Unhappiness
→ Low Self-Worth
→ Anger
→ Pain

One of the categories that Deep Issue Massage targets are the feelings and emotions that you want FREEDOM FROM. In other words, you want FREEDOM FROM feeling anxious, depressed, angry, being less-than, jealous and more. If you are looking for lasting FREEDOM FROM any of these feelings and emotions…


→ Feel Happy
→ Be Empowered
→ Move Forward
→ Be Calm
→ Feel Confident

One of the categories Deep Issue Massage targets are the feelings and emotions that allow you the FREEDOM TO do whatever your heart is inspired to do. You may have tried to follow your dreams in the past only to be met with thoughts and emotions of limitation. Deep Issue Massage helps you un-tether yourself from these limitations and starts the process of normalizing your thoughts and feelings of success. With an appropriate relationship with thoughts that actually support you, you now have lasting FREEDOM TO create the life you always dreamed of living.

Would you like to know if The Deep Issue Intensive is for You?

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