IMAGINE a shift from where you are today to a place where you feel lovable, successful, and free of anxiety. What would that take?

According to Marianne Williamson, author of The Return to Love, “miracles are just a shift in perception from fear to love.”

 “Miracles are Just a Shift in Perception from Fear to Love”

Let that sink in for just a second or two… ‘miracles are just a shift in perception…’.

This is a teaching that comes from A Course in Miracles, a book/course I highly encourage you to engage with if you suffer from any kind of lack – lack of happiness, lack of money, lack of confidence, but most of all… a lack of love.

Understanding Perception is Vital

Perception is an important concept to understand, so before we go on, watch this short video to better understand perception’s role in your reality.


Now, the second part of the statement is about moving from fear to love and if you search the Internet for information about fear, what you will find are comments such as these:

  • Fear is evil
  • Fear fosters negativity
  • Fear provokes anger
  • Fear makes people rude, manipulative, harsh and cruel
  • Fear is the enemy

These are gross oversimplifications of a partial truth.

Two Kinds of Fear

There are actually two kinds of fear, Proper and Perceived.

Proper Fear is healthy and appropriate fear. It is the fear that skyrockets your awareness when there is an imminent danger at hand, like a tiger or an emergency. It heightens your senses and has you ready to hightail it out of there, or prepare to defend yourself.

This is a correct and appropriate response.

The problem arises with the other kind of fear, Perceived Fear. Perceived Fear is a very destructive pattern or habit indeed.

Undesirable Outcomes

Perceived Fear leads to many undesirable outcomes, such as:

  • Being easily controlled
  • Lack of trust, lack of self-trust
  • Negative self-experience
  • Low self-confidence
  • Being easily triggered into worry or anxiety

Perceived Fear makes you act unlike you would like to act, so getting to the bottom of the fear is a must if you want a deeper sense of peace and integration with your world.

Now that we’ve explored what perception is, its role in your reality, and the difference between the two kinds of fear, it becomes evident that if you want to move from fear to love, it would be wise to start pre-perception… which, as you found out in the video, is in the domain of beliefs.

Desirable Outcomes

The trick here is to identify and resolve the origins of those perceived fears, as they came from ‘somewhere’, and that ‘somewhere’ is a place that you have an inappropriate relationship with for some reason.

The reason is not so important as the resolution, so be sure to engage with your preferred belief resolution tool to explore and resolve what is behind this fear. When that is resolved, you AUTOMATICALLY move toward love, which is the miracle.

Automatic Miracles

Ask anybody who has had the experience of successfully shifting their perception around some kind of struggle they have been wresting with that doesn’t own them anymore, and they are likely to describe it as some kind of miracle.

Check out Praise in my website menu to see some testimonials of some folks who experienced this. They deserved it, and so do you!

You Deserve It!

There are many useful tools out there: EFT, Psych-K, Belief-Repatterning and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) for examples. So, if for some reason, The Deep Issue Massage Method doesn’t feel right for you, I can certainly refer you to a trusted practitioner of one of the above techniques.

However, if you feel The Deep Issue Massage Method may be right for you…

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