WEIGHT! no… I mean, WAIT!!

Ahhhh, the “battle-of-the-bulge”… shit!

We are coming up to the Holiday/Christmas season, a joy for some and a royal bane for others.

One thing marketing companies know is that over the holidays, many people will medicate their unresolved emotional pain with food and drink, in hopes of filling a void that waits silently within them.

If this sounds like you, those same marketing companies are the same ones that will be waiting for you in the new year to press a finger into the injury you inflicted upon yourself over the holidays with all the treats, dinner and drinks you partook in (that left your pants a bit smaller than they used to be).

They will tell you NOW IS THE TIME to:

– lose those unwanted pounds

– fit into that swimsuit again

– get ready for spring/swimsuit season

– be a successful person, not some lazy and narcissistic loser


It will be brutal… again!

No different this year than last year. (How is that for an opening?)

Well, I see things a bit differently than those marketing companies, though I am onto their tactics. Let’s look at what BodyMessaging might have to say about this.

If you have spent any time at all looking into somatic expressions of the psyche, you will inevitably uncover what just about everybody says carrying extra weight is about, and that is protection.

Now, although that can be true, it is far from complete. Let’s dig deeper…

If we start with just what fat/adipose tissue actually is, it may help your conscious mind (ego) settle-the-eff-down with regard to running off at the mouth about why you have an extra pound or two (hundred).

Fat is vital for the body. It stores energy. It secretes hormones. It produces proteins. It insulates you. It makes up the outer walls of your cells. It is important.

What may not seem as vital to life is the extra booty in your backside and/or the spare tire around your waist. (and mine… I used to be an athlete you know! 😉

Fat has function, however those extra pounds have the ability to stir up deep-seated mental/emotional pain,… or do they?

It is not the extra pounds that do anything, it is your relationship to the extra pounds that holds the key, which lies within your beliefs (again and again and again…), but it may not be as simple as just protection. 

People are obese due to a few belief causes:

1) Protection: You indeed can hold beliefs around feeling the need to protect yourself that result in extra weight, be it from your upbringing, or unresolved baggage from another life. This kind of protection comes from the, “I will never get the love that I want/crave, so I better insulate myself from anything that may hurt me.”

2) Abandonment: This cause is a bit different from the first cause. With abandonment, it is more like you feel like you were left behind or there was nothing left for you by the time your turn came.

In this case, your beliefs play a role in needing you to inflate in order to be noticed. If you are not noticed, the pain of abandonment arises and the solution is required, play BIG! Unfortunately, the easiest road to “big” runs through your mouth and food becomes your growth factor for being the kind of big you know, unconsciously, you can achieve.

3) Fuel for ‘the Story’: If you have spent any time around me, you will have inevitably heard me warn you about the story, and how it keeps you stuck. Fat itself is a powerful storage facility for energy, and this energy will be available on demand when the circumstances are right. If you come from a background of not feeling heard and hold extra weight, pay attention to how often you swan-dive into your story.

Or into other people’s stories for that matter. If this is a causal path for your being overweight, you will have an unbalanced need to ‘be the source’ of energy for others. This may show up as being the ‘ear’ that everybody seems to come to in order to ‘share’ their latest demonstration of them avoiding responsibility, which also comes from their beliefs.

4) To Appear Imposing: Do you have any latent desires to be a Sumo Wrestler?

Likely not, but if you notice you are the kind of person that likes to ‘posture’ or ‘stand off’, this may be the category for the beliefs you hold predominantly.

Beliefs that stem from feeling powerless as you think you naturally are, may unconsciously begin to grow you into an imposing figure.

It can make your mind think that it has trillions of allies on its side (in the form of fat cells) and therefore feed a feeling of being a conqueror, or the like. I have a couple of 6’6″ 380lb friends, and I have no problem sharing, they look imposing.

5) Why Men Can Get Away with It: In some cultures, such as here in the West, a man being a bit portly can be instinctually a sign of success, albeit material success. It speaks without words to our unbridled instincts, but is no match for someone revealing their own wisdom.

In modern culture, men typically hold the archetypal role of being the Provider*. The provider is the one who make sure the family has food on the table, furs to keep you warm, and a cave over your heads.

*Today, women are more frequently becoming top providers too, which leaves us an opportunity to look into any imbalances in the relationship to their masculine energy, in advance, and gives them a great opportunity not to screw this up as badly as us men have.


So, before running to far the path of fat = protection, do a little Discovery into what seems to be highest on your totem pole given the new above. If you are holding pounds you aren’t at peace with, try this:

Grab a pen and paper,

Write: “The reason I am holding this extra weight it because…”,

And simply wait for what bubbles up.

Then go deeper…

Lather, Rinse and Repeat this:

“The REAL reason I am holding onto this extra weight is because…”

Do this over and over until you feel there is nowhere else to go.


At the end of it, you will have a powerful belief statement to do a Resolution around.

None of these beliefs are true or personal (this is true because they can change), they are just information you currently hold a charged relationship with, which can also change.

At the beginning of this post I wrote, WEIGHT! no…. I mean, WAIT!!

Years ago I heard Caroline Myss, author, speaker and medical intuitive, say this, “When you lose the weight, you will no longer have to wait!”

She was talking about emotional/spiritual weight at the time, but I would give it a twist for our purposes;

If I was to summarize a broad-stroke-not-specific-enough-over-arching-non-comprehensive-idea-that-would-come-up-short, I would tell you that if you are overweight, it means this:

Being overweight has most to do with not accepting yourself as you are NOW. That you hold beliefs that store energy for some day in the future, for when you are a Size 2 (no 4). Only THEN can you have the peace you want.

Only, those beliefs lead to a feeling of insanity as you are trying to start where you currently aren’t. By taking a good honest look at where you are really at, only then can you set yourself free and reveal the real you.

That is why during a Deep Issue Massage Method session focusing on you being overweight, we use the word… (ready for it??)… FAT!

We hit it straight on and don’t sugar-coat it, and by facing it head-on, without apology, we resolve the charge that was there the fastest way I know of.

Share you thoughts on this.

If you hold a few extra pounds your aren’t proud of, use the Discovery mentioned above and leave a comment on which stands out for you, or someone you love.

Until next time, Go Deep – Take Action!