Getting past your ‘story’ is vital for your spiritual advancement, but that doesn’t mean that storytelling doesn’t have its place.

Throughout the ages, wisdom was passed down not through schools, but through stories.

Stories that taught lessons. Stories that evoked thought.

Stories that connected to outcomes.

These stories were usually not even written down; they were presented orally by a gifted and wise storyteller and heard by an audience of those seeking ways to make themselves better in some way.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was one of these storytellers who had the gift of connecting wonderful storytelling to the outcomes his audience was after.

If you are not familiar with who Wayne Dyer is, then you either must be new to personal development and self-help, or you’ve been living in your own bubble (or under a rock)… lol. 😉

Dyer was a psychotherapist and professor before building his self-help empire, where he realized that to have the maximum amount of impact or influence for his message, he needed to transition to the next level.

Sunday night he made yet another transition when he died peacefully in his sleep. He saw death as just that, merely the next transition, and it is reported he wasn’t afraid of it.


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Within hours, news of his death had been shared on Facebook over 50,000 times.

Now that is impact!

If you have ever had the privilege of hearing him tell a story during a presentation, you know his ability to touch your heart.

A long-time friend of mine wrote this about him:

“The Father of Inspiration, the heart of PBS and a man of wisdom, knowledge, grace and extraordinary love has passed onto his soul tribe. They I am sure are celebrating his return….while others on Earth (know he is in spirit and still here) grieve the passing of his place on this earthly planet.”

His past wasn’t all glorious by the way.

He was married 3 times and he wrestled with alcohol and anger, yet he embodied the ability to shift, becoming an author and self-help/love guru… pretty cool really.

He died as one of the most loved speakers and teachers the world has ever known.

I work with all kinds of people who are looking to shift, and some are struggling with alcohol, so for them, I offer a piece of Wayne’s wisdom.

His answer was sobriety, which doesn’t mean it is ‘the’ answer for everyone.

Here’s a short video of him speaking to this challenge followed by 5 Steps for Addiction Recovery – Enjoy:


I found these steps summarized from his “Being In Balance” program by an anonymous author:

  1. It’s all about realignment (with Source/God)
  2. Love your addictions (If you fight them, you give them more power over you.)
  3. Love yourself (e.g. Pray gratitude for your body and for the willingness to love it unconditionally.)
  4. Remove all shame (Negative emotions just give the addiction more power.
    Everything is in it rightful place. There are no accidents here, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You are meant to be in this low place right now to give you the energy to get to the higher place you are heading.)
  5. Live from a new knowing (Basically, your connection with God. You know he is there with you and the connection is unshakeable.)


Is it is time for you to love yourself enough to leave your attachment to your story behind and start using your story as a way to impact others in a constructive way?

What story would you like to leave behind?

Please let me know.

Here’s to you Wayne… may your music play for eternity!