Tymothy Roy – Creator of the Deep Issue Massage Method


Ask yourself, ‘What does it REALLY mean for me to be well?’ and you have entered into the domain Tymothy Roy really shines in.

Tymothy is passionate about discerning what it takes for you to actually be and feel well, and then works with you to implement it. Since graduating as a massage therapist in 1997, he has learned that the discomfort you feel in your body most often comes as a direct result of what is going on in your heart and mind. This is the basis of The Deep Issue Massage Method. The massage style he applies during his sessions is a collage of therapeutic techniques paired with specific energetics, primarily the torus and the axes (pronounced ‘ax – ease’). He first ‘listens’ to what your body is actually attempting to tell you, and then proceeds to draw from his clinical and energetic knowledge, camouflaging a relaxation experience into your therapeutic experience.

‘Pain and pleasure are VERY closely associated’, says Tymothy, ‘so when I get you floating between worlds, your body has a tendency to open up and let the healing in. Easier for me, better for you.’

Tym has a professional interest in figuring out how wine can help you become a better person – seriously. ;)

His biggest influences in his life are his beautiful wife Sascha and his son Kai, whom he considers both to be his teachers and equals. He admires anybody who has either transcended the amazingly abundant pile of ‘consciousness dogma’ and entered into the world of their authentic self, or who has at least decides to ‘get in the game’.

If given a bottle of magic potion, Tymothy would hold a magic potion tasting event. His hopes in doing so is for the attendees to see their lives with new eyes, becoming aware that the magic they are looking for is already inside them, and they just have to uncover it.


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