Eczema is a condition whereby the skin becomes dry, rough and scaly, usually ending up with some kind of wound opening up in the form of a crack or hole.


Veil of Protection

It is a condition of the skin, which is our primary veil of protection from the rest of the world, both from the inside-out and the outside-in. In essence, it separates our inner world from our physical outside world.

Paradoxically, it also is the catalyst for bringing us closer together, as it is responsible for things like our ability to interpret touch and displays of emotion.

From a Body Messaging perspective, when eczema surfaces it is as if the area involved becomes hyper-sensitive to the point of cracking open and exposing what is underneath.

Separation and Tension

When eczema appears, the belief theme that needs to be resolved has to do with separation, and the tensions experienced by it.

In contrast to psoriasis, which is a shielding mechanism, eczema is a point of desired vulnerability. It is the body’s way of demonstrating your yearning to be connected with and accepted at any cost, even by exposing your most vulnerable parts – your inner world.

Heal That Separation

If you experience eczema, it is likely you experienced a real, physical separation at some point in your life that left a mark. Eczema is a calling out by your body to heal that separation and the tensions caused in your emotional body by the thought of it.

Of course, if you have learned about The 3 Paths, you understand that there are a couple of ways that the energetic signature of conditions such as eczema can originate beyond the linear experiences of the person you are.

Regardless, if you suffer from eczema, there is a high probability that you harbour beliefs that are driven by the concept of separation that need to be resolved and made peace with. The goal would be to reconnect with what or who was the object of that separation was emotionally, if not possible physically.

Make Peace

By resolving the tension held in your unconscious mind that stemmed from the separation, you stand the best chance of having the physical expression of eczema diminish or disappear.

In addition to finding out the emotional origin of why this condition has surfaced, it is still wise to treat the condition nutritionally and physically. Both are an expression of love toward yourself.

Where eczema shows up in the body gives us further understanding of where to look and why.

Have a super day and be beautiful!