Why Do You Dust Your House?

Really, why do you?

Because your mom dusted hers? Because you’re supposed to? Because dust is dirty?

I would love to challenge you to answer this question before you move on. Just take a minute and see what your most conscious answer is…


Well, what did you come up with?

If you answered this question deeply enough, you are well on path to freedom.  Let me explain…

The best answer I have come across is that you dust because you want to be able to enjoy your own environment more fully.

It just feels better in your environment after you dust.

And guess what?

Dust happens.

Dust as a Metaphor

The reason why I am writing about dust as a metaphor today is because of a false premise that most people live by, and I don’t want you to fall prey to this false premise.

You see, most people think that once they reach happiness, they will always be happy.

It would be as if all your troubles just dry up and disappear once you have uncovered the secret to happiness.

The REAL Secret to Happiness is that… ‘Dust Happens!’

The REAL secret to happiness is that… ‘dust happens’.

If you deny that there is dust in your house, you will be doomed to a lifetime of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

If you can accept that ‘dust happens’ and it is your responsibility to dust your house when it is time, you will certainly be a happier person.

Your Life is No Different

I often speak of The Deep Issue Massage Method as ‘dusting.’

I make ‘dust’ analogous to emotionally charged beliefs – both ones you are aware of and ones you are unaware of… (mostly unaware, unfortunately).

You come in for a session, you are covered in dust. When you leave, you leave your dust behind, including the big caked on stuff.

Out into the world you go, feeling all shiny and new.

You now seem somewhat more dust repellant too, but guess what?

Dust still happens. It is inevitable, but it is your relationship to that dust that makes all the difference.

Get Regular Dustings

Without the tools and understanding of why you might want to get regular dustings, you will inevitably feel dingier and dingier over time until your lustre gets forgotten entirely.

You need to dust your home on a regular basis if you are to enjoy your home most fully.

Your emotional home is no different.

Be Sure to Check ‘Under the Couch’

And if you are a really committed individual, you will definitely want to dust under the couch on occasion to ensure you aren’t inviting mites and other creatures that become a bigger problem over time.

Right? Right!

How this translates in your emotional life is to get curious as to all the hidden places your ‘dust’ (beliefs) might be.

So be sure to find a way to give your mind a good dusting on a regular basis.

It doesn’t have to be a Deep Issue Massage, but find a way that works for you and attend to it regularly.

Those who have made The Deep Issue Massage Method their dusting method of choice, consistently report back they feel lighter and more free, as if they have “have lost a thousand pounds” as one client put it.

How to Dust Daily

Regardless, there are some daily activities that help to keep your dust down to a minimum, such as:

– Learn to Meditate

– Exercise Regularly

– Learn about Nutrition to help you remove toxins from your body

– Learn healthy communication skills (i.e. so you don’t bury your feelings)

– Work with a coach to keep on track and help see where you are hooked

– Commit to some modality of ‘dusting’ your interior (your mental/emotional body)

Ultimately, the secret to happiness lies in the understanding that life happens, and dust happens along with it.

A Dust-Free Existence?

If you expect to live a dust-free existence, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you come to terms that dust is a part of life and that, if you want to best enjoy your environment, you will have to learn ways to incorporate regular maintenance that will help keep your environment clean and the dust to a minimum.

Who knows, this may even help reduce any allergies you have to life. 😉