The Deep Issue Massage Method  is an incredibly simple, safe and sound addition to your massage experience.

Before understanding what The Deep Issue Massage Method is, it is important to understand what it is not. It is not psychotherapy, psycho-analysis, counseling, talk therapy, or psychological advisement. These are the domain of your registered mental health professional. The Deep Issue Massage Method was specifically designed not to enter this domain.

Deep Issue Massage Method is a combination of therapeutic massage, body mapping and limiting-belief resolution work and is an effective tool for resolving emotional tension as guided by the body’s tensions. Here is some of what it has done for others and can help you with:

  • relief of physical pain
  • relief from emotional pain
  • improved mental and emotional outlook
  • improved relationships with yourself and others
  • and more…

The decision to incorporate Deep Issue Massage into your massage regime is the decision to use that time to not only take care of your body, but to free yourself from emotional tension, baggage and limitations.



Choosing Deep Issue Massage  is your choice to be free from emotional stress.

It has been described as “revolutionary” by seasoned wholistic professionals who have experienced it directly. Over the course of your life, you inevitably start to experience belief-based limitations. These limitations are filed into your sub-conscious mind and present themselves in your body, which gently runs programs that cause effects in your life.. some of which you do not like. 😉


You will have a tendency to polarize these thoughts as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

How the method works is by drawing information from the tensions found in your body, filtering that information through what is termed the bodymap, and applying the method. Deep Issue Massage Method then depolarizes the charge you have with a belief, thereby neutralizing any inappropriate effect you might have experienced from holding that belief. This method is different in the sense that it doesn’t delete, release, let go or admonish any ‘negative’ beliefs, and doesn’t install, implant, integrate or apply any affirmations or ‘positive’ beliefs. There are no strategies presented or offered, as you would find in the domain of psychotherapy.

What the Method does is create an appropriate relationship between you and whatever belief shows up. When this happens you start feeling free from any ‘charge’ you may have felt previously and you begin to feel empowered.


Start to reveal the Real You!

As you continue making the Deep Issue Massage Method part of your wholistic health regime, you find that the ‘real you’ shows up in your life, and the right choices for you become evident. It is a wholistic therapy which revolutionizes the effect your massage practitioner can have in helping your overall wellness.

Chances are if you are drawn to experience modalities such at Hakomi, Psychosomatic Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Psyck-K, or similar, and you love massage, The Deep Issue Massage Method may be for you. Click the button below now to find out. 

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Be sure to ask if your massage practitioner is certified in the Deep Issue Massage Method.


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