Thank you for checking in. First of all, I like to applaud your intuitive mind and skillful hands in tapping into how our bodies stored information.

The session is quite magical: it releases deep seated emotional stress, it helps to bring clarity back. It continues to stir things up days after the session. I am happy to report that after further soul searching, I finally got “the lesson” despite the fact that it takes me over half a century:) Better late than never, it is a very freeing experience.

It is indeed a special gift you have and I hope it will bring you tremendous rewards and satisfaction in the service you offer. I have been sharing my experience with my friends, when they are ready, they will seek you out then. Love, Teresa- Teresa, Calgary, AB

I made my initial massage appointment, with the sole intention of healing an old back injury that was becoming bothersome. Upon entering my first session with Tym, he was interested in aiding my physical pain, yet he also gently inquired about the emotional pain I had been experiencing. I was rather nervous and hesitant to reveal my array of “stuff”to him… by the end of the session I had revealed most of my deepest hurts and fears. I blame the music ūüôā …(he always seems to know which background music to set the scene of the session)

Tym has impacted my life in a very positive and constructive way. I received one of the most significant gifts that any practitioner has given me: Tym has not only treated the kinks of my body, but more importantly, Tym has helped me to loosen and heal the kinks of my soul. His approach to healing is genuine, for Tym allows his own truth to shine as he helps you unveil yours, to be lived. He is direct, compassionate, wise, and truly a comedian! Tym doesn’t aim to simply fix your ailments, if you allow, he is committed to encouraging your own knowledge and abilities, in order for you to help yourself.

Tym created a space for me to feel Safe, regardless of how vulnerable I felt. Amongst all of the twinkling stars, Tym’s light sparkles, even on the brightest of days. His talents are equivalent to gemstones found in the earth: surprising upon first sight, but a treasure to receive and experience. I once told Tym during a session that part of the reason I chose to continue sessions with him was because he reminded me of Dr. Suess’s Horton the Elephant, for he is faithful, kind, hopeful, playful and authentic.

It is because of Tym’s inspiration that I want to explore my own talents in healing, as I hope to pay forward all I have been given. I suppose it goes without saying, but I have an immense respect and appreciation for Tymothy: his works, intellect, talents, philosophies and example. Thank you Tym!!!- Amanda, Calgary, AB

This testimonial was sent to Tymothy from a friend who referred Julie… a very satisfied client:


Holy crap dude. That was by far the best massage I’ve ever had. And! He’s like a psychic massage therapist.- Julie, Calgary, AB

Dearest Tym, Because of you I am celebrating Christmas this year…….the last time I celebrated Christmas was the Christmas of 2006!

Since the trauma of Christmas 2007, I have taken anti depressants, seen physchologists, physchiatrists, meditated and a number of other things but still haven’t been able to cope with Christmas till this year, all due to you and the “Deep Issue Massage”.

You have taught me to heal myself…….I have finally connected with my inner wisdom after 15 years of trying and being unsuccessful.

I am a better person, a happier person all because of you…..but what amazes me most is that it just seems to be happening without any effort….in other words…..I’m not “willing” it to happen……I just feel good…. something I haven’t felt in a long time. My relationships with others have greatly improved and I’m not crying all the time.

I am at peace with Christmas and myself and actually feel true joy.

You helped me to uncover this wonderful person that is me!!!!

Thank You- Josee, Calgary, AB

Tymothy, I had to take a few days to write this because I was sooooo emotional after our last appointment.  I think it was in part, because of what we covered that day and because it was our last scheduled session. 

I have felt very alone, regardless of who in my life offered emotional support, until we started this process together.  Josee was right in saying that this is life changing.  To do this work with courage and strength, to maintain what we have learned and become aware of , in order to apply these principles every day, for the rest of our lives, will create the existence that we deserve, of this I have no doubt. 

You have forever changed me with your gift and I am blessed and grateful for everything you have shared with me, to help that come to fruition. I pray your blessings come to you in amounts you haven’t yet dared to dream of before, because you deserve all that is great for what you do.¬† I will for sure be needing a tune up now and then ¬†and look forward to hearing about all your future successes because they will be plentiful!!!!¬†

Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it but hopefully my email will help you understand that my “Thank You” is from the core of who I am. ¬†

Don’t hold back Tymothy, your gift can help so many!!!! ¬†Lots of love,- Jodi, Calgary, AB

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